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Xbox One Will Be Behind PS4 The Whole Generation, Says Insider

When it comes to hardware performance and specs, a console's lifespan is only as good as its parts. If a console doesn't have enough gas left inside, it'll tank early and we'll see the limits of its capabilities early on, just like the original Wii. This is what one insider believes to be the case for the Xbox One.

Thuway, real name Ahsan Rasheed, took to Twitter to make a few more statements based on information he's received from pals working directly with the new generation hardware. DualShockers picked up the Tweets where Rasheed stated...

“Xbox One will be behind all generation, and not by some small trivial margin. It will be enough to show up distinctly in exclusives.”“The PS4 has more left in the tank that will start showing up going forward. It was designed with more forward thinking hardware choices.”

This isn't some surprise. All of the direct game comparisons show that the PS4 is pushing nearly double the pixel rate or double the frame-rate over the Xbox One, from Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, to Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, we're constantly seeing the PS4 edge out the Xbox One, like Ron Paul got edged out of the primaries by candidates with a higher level of common sense and sanity.

Even in the CPU benchmarks, it became apparent that the PS4 simply has the edge on paper, in theory, in practice and in execution. It's like trying to compare Jane Austin to Stephenie Meyer in literary quality: one oozes class, the other oozes something else.

This will not change.

As noted in the DualShockers article...

“According to Rasheed, a Call of Duty: Ghosts coder also told him that Infinity Ward asked Microsoft to use an off-limits portion of the Xbox One GPU (allegedly amounting to 8% of the whole power of the graphical hardware of the console, and the use of which should be granted to developers soon) but Microsoft refused.”

This tidbit was revealed back during the Resolution-gate scandal, where Albert Penello was running damage control for the Xbox One's resolution. Then again, Penello has been running damage control a lot lately.

This was further discussed with Pete Dodd, the man behind the #PS4NoDRM campaign from last year, as noted on iGameResponsibly, where Rasheed stated that...

From someone on the coding team: “We asked if we could use the walled off portion of the X1 GPU to get Ghosts up to pay with PS4.“Microsoft said Fuck No. Now they are lowering the usage. You can thank the Internet and the blown up resolution gate.”Developers are thankful for resolution gate for blowing up like it did. It shook things up at MS. It won’t make parity but every bit helps.

This freeing up of resources will also be accompanied by a speed-up of the OS as well... a speed-up scheduled to arrive with a patch at an undisclosed time.

Now a lot of people see “insider” and “leaker” and think “bullocks”. This would be the right way to go about most of these rumors.

However, keep in mind that Thuway, CBOAT and FamousMortimer were the ones who were leaking that the Xbox One would be having resolution and frame-rate problems in the first place. If it weren't for them there wouldn't be a Resolution-gate. So these guys do have some veracity on their side as far as consistency and legitimacy goes with rumors.

Pro-Xbox One Advice: Microsoft, even after announcing the acquisition of Gears of War, are still fighting an uphill battle. They should let the news play out without running damage control. At this point the evidence, the facts and the results are heavier than all of the contestants on the starting season episodes of The Biggest Loser. They should focus on exclusive functionality instead of aiming for parity, just like Nintendo and the Wii U. They also really need to push for some kind of Kinect integration into games to make the system worth the price of entry. As of right now, Kinect is as good as a nicotine patch on Charlie Sheen's nightstand, for as far as most major game titles are concerned.

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