Xbox One Turned Into Portable Laptop Called Xbook One

If you've thought about taking your Xbox One with you where ever you go; playing games out and about, watching videos or listening to downloaded music. Well, one enterprising individual has managed to combine a laptop with an Xbox and called it an Xbook One.

Eurogamer is reporting that self-taught engineer going by the name of Ed Zarick has seemingly done the impossible: combining the Xbox One with a laptop.

The core of the system is attached to a small-form case, so your warranty will be broken. However, you'll have a portable Xbox One at your disposal with a 22” monitor attached. You can see it in action with the brief video below.

This modified system may seem pretty cool but it will cost you a pretty penny. If you don't already have an Xbox One and you want the system in this Xbook form, you'll need to dish out $1495 for the 500GB console and Kinect. If you already have an Xbox One and you want Zarick to convert it into an Xbook, it will cost you $1095.

Throw in a $50 HDMI out option and $75 for shipping and you have yourself spending a pretty penny to get your hands on this novel laptop meets Xbox concoction.

According to Zarick...

"The quicker I can build these, the cheaper I can sell them. It's that simple. But with the cost of the new Xboxs compared to the 360s, and the higher cost of the parts used in production of this unit, it's going to be more than my last Xbook."A 500 Xbook One with Kinect is going to cost $1495 plus shipping. This may seem expensive, but they are expensive to produce."

In a way, I would have to question why someone wouldn't just settle for a gaming laptop in that case? $1495 is pretty steep to get a portable Xbox. I mean, if you really, really, really loved the system's exclusives then I guess that might justify the price; this is completely assuming that you have money to burn and you absolutely adore Xbox games.

Eurogamer notes that since nothing is being modified to alter the actual function of the system that you shouldn't have to worry about being banned from Xbox Live. Of course, unless you're capable of connecting to a hotspot, you won't be able to use Xbox Live while you're out and about anyway.

The efforts from Zarick definitely deserve props, though. I never would have thought to turn an Xbox One into an Xbook One, and I never would have expected that the the system would have been prime bait for getting transformed into a portable gaming station. Nevertheless, it's a real thing and you can learn more about it by visiting the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.