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Xenogears Hits PSN This Week

Late last year, the ESRB rated Xenogears for the PS3 and PSP. Everyone took that as a sign that the game would be re-released through PSN and that's exactly what'll happen tomorrow.

Xenogears is a Squaresoft RPG first released for the PSOne in 1998. Characters fought not only on foot but also while piloting giant mechs, which shook up the standard turn-based RPG combat a bit. The game was best known, though, for the sprawling story that mixed science fiction and religion.

If you recall, the ESRB had also rated Vagrant Story, Threads of Fate and Secret of Mana at the end of the year. These Square RPG's will no doubt arrive in North America soon as well.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.