Notorious Games' Xsyon: Prelude is an open-world, MMO, emergent, world-building game. It's part of the new-wave of indie titles aiming to expand, grow and explore new ways to interact and play video games and it's currently looking for upvotes on Steam's Greenlight.

Okay, so first of all Xsyon is an open-world crafting/survival/do-whatever kind of game, similar to Minecraft. Graphically, however, Xsyon takes on a much more serious flair than Minecraft, mimicking the likes of Fallen Earth or Mortal Online.

Speaking of Mortal Online...Xsyon seems to share a great deal of similarities to StarVault's title, except it seems to have a clear direction of what it wants to be and how it plans to get there. Check it out in the Greenlight video below as seen on MMO Site.

I'm very, very impressed with what's on display there. That looks really cool. I love the various player-designed towns and villages of varying degrees of creativity and theme.

While this is labeled as the “prelude”, and there's a lot more that still has to be done, I'm confident that if this game gets the proper support and backing from the community it could become a real standout in the niche market of survival games. I'd like to see more of the combat and I'm definitely intrigued about the additional decorations and ecological micromanagement.

You can learn more about Xsyon: Prelude or upvote the game by visiting the official Greenlight page.

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