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To play online in any PS4 or Xbox One game, you need to have a premium subscription for that console. This weekend Mortal Kombat X executive producer Shaun Himmerick (accidentally) gave gamers the impression that the fighting game wouldn't require Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus.

"PS Plus is not needed for any feature of MKX," Himmerick tweeted in response to fan inquiries about multiplayer (via NeoGAF). He then added that the same was true for Xbox Live Gold.

This would be a huge deal if it were true. The XBL Gold/PlayStation Plus requirement is consistent across those consoles. If Sony or Microsoft ever planned to break that rule, you'd think they would only do it for a game they're publishing. If Warner Bros. could get them to relax their paywall for a third-party game, that would leave the door open for other publishers to work out similar deals.

Unfortunately, though, this is all empty speculation. After noticing that his initial tweets started spreading far and wide, Himmerick clarified that Mortal Kombat X players will need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus to play on their consoles. It seems that his initial statements over Twitter, since deleted, were a misunderstanding: In summary, too good to be true rumor turns out to be too good to be true. It's a shame because I'm sure some publishers would love to have their game be exempt from the Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus requirement. An MMO that has its own subscription or microtransactions would be a lot less daunting if players didn't have to pay a monthly fee to Microsoft or Sony on top of those costs.

Mortal Kombat X will feature several online modes beyond the usual head-to-head matches. The Living Towers modes provide players with a set of unique challenges that are updated regularly. In Faction Wars, players join one of five teams and try to rack up as many points for their faction per week. The faction that wins the week will get access to exclusive benefits.

MKX will debut on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in April. There are many, many editions of the game available for pre-order.

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