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Your Titanfall Beta Invite Is Fake



CHAD, a twenty-something wearing Denver Broncos pajamas, is sitting on the couch and typing away on his laptop. His roommate BRYAN enters through the front door. He drops his messenger bag on the coffee table and loosens his tie.

CHAD: Hey, you know how I still owe you last month's rent?

BRYAN: I still recall.

CHAD: Can I pay that off with barter?

BRYAN: You're going to pay rent with a wheel of cheese?

CHAD: No man, even better. A Titanfall beta key. Respawn Entertainment just emailed me an invite! The test starts tomorrow.

He rotates the laptop toward Bryan. Bryan stoops over to read the email.

BRYAN: I don't think this is a legit beta key.

CHAD: Huh?

BRYAN: They misspelled "Titanfall." And "beta." And "Respawn."

CHAD: Geez, Bryan, they're not professional spell-checkers. They're code monkeys. They just punch a bunch of 0's and 1's into the computer until a shooter forms.

BRYAN: You have no idea what coding actually is, do you?

CHAD: [pointing at the screen] The email's got the Titanfall logo and everything!

BRYAN: You're right, there's no way that someone could possibly obtain a publicly released image from a widely hyped game prior to its release.

CHAD: That's what I'm saying.

Bryan sits, and begins to untie his shoes.

BRYAN: [not looking up] What domain was the email sent from?

CHAD: [reading]

BRYAN: .Scam?

CHAD: Typo. Code monkeys. Probably meant to write "game" a second time.

BRYAN: So is this beta supposed to be on Xbox One or PC?

CHAD: Xbox One, obviously.

BRYAN: You don't own an Xbox One. No one does.

CHAD: That's the other awesome thing: they're going to send me an Xbox One to test it. I just have to wire them the money for it over Western Union along with a $100 processing fee.

BRYAN: No, what I mean is: the Xbox One won't be out until November. But this beta starts today. Doesn't that strike you as odd?

CHAD: [realizing] So what you're saying is...?


CHAD: Crap, it's actually a PC beta? That's an awful typo.

BRYAN: That's not what I -

CHAD: [hefting his laptop] I'm gonna need to do some serious upgrading to get ready. Can I borrow some money for a new video card?


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