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A Letterkenny Shoresy Spinoff Is Coming, And The Cast Shares Some Fun Details

Letterkenny has been quietly gaining a cult following ever since it moved from Crave TV to Hulu back in 2018. The Canadian show is known for fast-talking and plenty of catchphrases, and has reached its 10th season and now the cast has revealed more good news about the future of the Letterkenny Television Universe, which is about to expand with a Shoresy spinoff. 

I recently sat down with the cast and director of the show to discuss the latest season as well as the upcoming spinoff. After some light chirps thrown my way during the interviews, director, writer, and actor Jacob Tierney, who plays Glen, divulged what he could about the upcoming spinoff, of which we haven't heard that many previous details. 

I'm not sure what I'm allowed to tell you about it. He's getting a spinoff. It exists. We have filmed it. He will play hockey. I hope that everyone likes it. Something I'm really, I'm really proud of it. We're still in post-production on it. We just finished filming it. I don't wanna give too many spoilers away, but it's very exciting. And yeah, it's a fun, new kind of expansion of the uh, Letterkenny TV Universe. The LKTVU…? It just rolls off the tongue. Everyone will want to say it.

While Jacob did his best to avoid any potential spoilers, other cast members helped shed some light on the tone of the upcoming spinoff. Here's what Evan Stern, who plays Roald, had to say to CinemaBlend:

I think it's gonna be a lot more heart than you expect. That's what I'll say. I think there's gonna be a real hometown vibe and it's gonna specifically focus on Sudbury from what I understand. And we've been shooting the show in Sudbury for the last seven years and I think it's Keeso’s opportunity to showcase that city and how great it is here.

Dylan Playfair, who plays Riley, went on to talk about his fellow teammate and what we can expect about the direction and physical shooting location of the new show:

I mean, hey, Shoresy wants to win, right? He goes north to win. It's actually, um, it's kind of neat. So, in that series, they use Sudbury, they use the real city as the backdrop, which is where we actually film Letterkenny. So there's a little bit of ‘life imitating art’, or ‘art imitating life’, I guess…would be the, the more accurate representation. He goes off and, and leaves Riley and Jonesy behind to battle it out in the beer leagues. And, uh, I believe he is going out to win a ship if I'm not mistaken.

Nathan Dales, who plays Daryl, says he's been mostly kept out of the loop, but states that he has no worries regarding the direction, since it's being helmed by two Letterkenny greats. 

I think we're gonna find out a lot of different things about a guy that you don't really know too much about up until this point. He's sort of a one-dimensional character up until this point. And I think the show is probably gonna show, uh, great many sides to him, for sure….Obviously, you know, Jared and Jacob, make a hell of a team, so I can't imagine it's gonna be bad.

As far as Letterkenny itself goes, the season 10 trailer dropped in early December and the episodes themselves went live on Christmas Eve and are still available to binge if you have a Hulu subscription. News of the spinoff has been scarce so far but the end of season 10 clearly points to a new direction in the near future. Thanks to filming back-to-back, the next season is reportedly finished too, though there's no word on when we'll get it yet.

In the meantime, you can check out some hilarious Letterkenny bloopers to get your fix. While the Shoresy spinoff doesn't have a date yet either, but we'll let you know when it comes, so keep checking back to CinemaBlend for all your Letterkenny news. Pitter Patter. 

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