The Cast Reveals Letterkenny’s Already Wrapped On Season 10 And 11 And Yew!

Hulu's Letterkenny return for Season 10

As luck would have it, Hulu and Crave’s cult favorite series has been hard back at work over the last several weeks and now some of the main cast members have confirmed the show has wrapped. That’s not just one season the show has wrapped on, it’s two, as over the last few weeks the cast has banged out a slew of episodes that are sure to be quotable. As Season 9 was the last set of episodes to stream, Season 10 and Season 11 will now be on the way.

Tyler Johnston, who has played Stewart on the long-running comedy through its run, was among the first who shared a cast photo from set. He also noted the new seasons of the series wrapped.

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In addition, Michelle Mylett, who plays serial dater Katy, was also among the people who confirmed the series was filming just a few days ago. Bonnie McMurray actress Kamilla Kowal had a similar post, but it was Mylett who later noted the series would be filming not one set of episodes but two. More on that in a bit, as this is her first look from set.

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In a separate post on her Instagram Stories a few days ago, Michelle Mylett also confirmed that the cast shot “14 new episodes” of Letterkenny in “just over a month and a half” for our streaming pleasure. That would seem like a lot more episodes than we would normally get for a season of Letterkenny; regardless, given the show will be pushing out two seasons and not just one, that should average out to seven episodes per season, which is on par with the seven episodes apiece we get for Season 8 and Season 9. (Early seasons were six episodes.)

This gels with what producer Mark Montefiore said a few months ago when he mentioned the next two seasons of Letterkenny would film back-to-back. Still, the news the show has wrapped is pretty monumental, as Letterkenny (like many shows) had some struggles getting back to filming during the pandemic. Luckily, Season 9 had already been in the can while a lot of stuff was shut down, so fans did get new episodes of the Hulu series as a nicely packaged holiday gift from the streaming service last year.

Still, it took a while for Season 10 to really start moving forward again. While there’s been other stuff from Season 10 and 11’s filming that has been rolling around the interwebs for a short while, it's unclear how long it will take to edit and get the episodes ready for their streaming debut. It's also unclear how long Hulu and Crave will wait in between pushing out the two seasons, it is a little reassuring to know there are at least 14 more episodes on the way.


While we wait, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on anything else we learn about Letterkenny Season 10. As you may remember, the finale of last season ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I’m interested to see where the series picks up next time around. Yew!

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