Cody Beck

Cody Beck

Director of Product

The Background: Cody Beck is the Director of Product at CinemaBlend. He joined CinemaBlend in 2017 to run Product as the first non-content hire for the growing website. He currently runs Product initiatives and oversees CinemaBlend's eCommerce efforts. Cody has a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and was in the inaugural class of Enstitute, an alternative education apprenticeship program for aspiring entrepreneurs in New York City, which made headlines in Forbes, The New York Times, and PBS.

What He's Into: When not running A/B tests or accidentally breaking the site, Cody enjoys launching creative side-projects and is co-host of American Hauntings Podcast, which explores history, hauntings, and the dark side of American history. After a long day of formatting the perfect spreadsheet, he enjoys kayaking, eating pizza, and watching Horror movies with his puppy, Finn.

What He's Excited About Right Now: Twisted Metal, Netflix Comedy Specials, and trying to keep up with the ridiculous amount of books he keeps buying.

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