Are Nobody 2 And Atomic Blonde 2 Coming Together? Producer Kelly McCormick Provides Updates On The Sequels

87North Productions has made a name for launching potential franchises out of unsuspecting properties. Through smash hits like Nobody and Atomic Blonde, both Bob Odenkirk and Charlize Theron wowed the crowd with what some consider to be some of the best action movies in recent years. 

That success has also left fans of both films wanting sequels, and they are prospects that have been discussed since the initial release of either film. So when the chance to speak with producer Kelly McCormick came up, thanks to the press day for Universal’s Violent Night, I had to ask how Nobody 2 or Atomic Blonde 2 were faring. More specifically, I wanted to know which one was closer at hand.

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Nobody 2 Is The 87North Sequel That Feels Right On Track

Sharing her thoughts with CinemaBlend, McCormick had a pretty clear favorite in mind. But in addition to favoring one sequel over the other, she discussed just why 87North Productions isn’t rushing into any potential sequels on their docket. As she began addressing the issue, Kelly McCormick gave this promising update: 

There’s a lot of conversations going on about Nobody 2 right now, and I think we’re very very hopeful that these next few weeks go incredibly well for Violent Night. It would be super fun to have one of these every Christmas, wouldn’t it? Nobody 2 feels, I’m really excited about it now. … So, I think we shall see, but I think you may be seeing a Nobody 2 soon.

Another Violent Night movie is something that’s definitely been discussed, as confirmed by Tommy Wirkola and David Harbour’s remarks about Mrs. Claus. So having a new entry yearly feels pretty optimistic and absolutely welcomed. However, that still brings up the question of why Nobody 2 and Atomic Blonde 2 have taken so long.

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Why 87North Productions Is Taking Its Time With Any Sequel Developments

The ideas for both films have been in the pipeline, and at one point there was even talk of Netflix potentially producing the Charlize Theron sequel. However, just as Kelly McCormick has put her bet on Nobody 2 being the priority, fellow 87North Productions stalwart David Leitch is backing that same call. Earlier this year, while promoting his latest directorial effort Bullet Train, Leitch threw his vote behind Nobody returning sooner than later.  

So what’s pushing one project further faster than the other; especially with Violent Night apparently already primed for further development? Kelly McCormick boiled the issue down a key ingredient that should always be present in “going back to the well”: 

The truth is … as you can tell with our brand, we only want to make as [much] good stuff as we possibly can. I think we have a track record that is proving, somehow, we’re doing pretty good at that. Making a sequel, it’s got to feel like it’s going to be that sequel, that it’s going to be as good as it can be, rather than a sequel for sequel’s sake. I think that that’s some of the delay, to be honest, in all of the cases that you brought up. You wanna do it right, and it’s more important to do it right than to do it for us.

87North Productions’ dedication to having a purpose for making its films has served the studio well since its inception. Considering the overlap in talent involved with the John Wick franchise and other projects from 87North, the creation of movies like Atomic Blonde, Nobody or even Violent Night could have been seen as ripoffs in lesser hands.

Reading over what Kelly McCormick has said about the studio’s approach to filmmaking, it’s no wonder why people still want to see Nobody 2 or Atomic Blonde 2 in the first place. Those first movies were so unique and fun that you can't help but crave the chance to see where the future could go with such characters. 

That same sort of fun has to be felt by the actors, and we've seen that much ring true as well. Otherwise, the development of Atomic Blonde 2 during the early days of the pandemic might not have happened at all.

It’s also what just might see Violent Night become the first franchise to set up shop in 87North’s workshop. That’s all up to the fans, as David Harbour’s time as Santa is now playing in theaters. If you’re looking to watch Nobody all over again in the meantime, you’re also in luck, as an HBO Max Subscription is all you’ll need to see Bob Odenkirk dispensing justice yet again.

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