Wait, Is Atomic Blonde 2 Heading To Netflix?

Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde

Nearly three full years ago, Charlize Theron jumped back into the action genre with Atomic Blonde, where the eponymous character, MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton, was tasked with investigating the murder of a fellow agent and tracking down a list of double agents. While Atomic Blonde didn’t make the biggest splash in theaters, it was met with a solid amount of solid critical reception, hence why there’s been talk since then about if/when a sequel could happen.

Last August, director David Leitch indicated that rather than be a traditional theatrical release like its predecessor, Atomic Blonde 2 could happen on a streaming service instead. Now word’s come in that that’s what will indeed happen, as DiscussingFilm reports that Atomic Blonde 2 is in early development over at Netflix, with Charlize Theron obviously reprising the lead role.

The outlet noted that producer Beth Kono, who was among Atomic Blonde’s producers, will be back to produce the sequel through her production company Denver and Delilah Productions, which also worked on the Charlize Theron movies Tully, Long Shot and the upcoming The Old Guard, another Netflix release. Kelly McCormick is also expected to reprise her producer duties.

What’s unclear for now is if the 87Eleven production company, which David Leitch co-founded and has also worked on the John Wick movies and Birds of Prey, will be contributing to Atomic Blonde 2. By extension, there’s nothing about if Leitch will be sitting in the director’s chair again or if someone new will be helming this time around.

Keep in mind, this report doesn’t mean necessarily mean that Atomic Blonde 2 is happening. We’ll have to wait for the studio to officially confirm that, but even if this information is legitimate, it sounds like the sequel would be a ways off, as a scriptwriter reportedly hasn’t been hired.

Still, considering how Netflix has delved into the action genre recently with the likes of Triple Frontier, 6 Underground and Spenser Confidential, Atomic Blonde 2 would be worthy addition to its lineup of original content. Of course, then you have to weigh the benefits of putting a movie like this on a streaming service, where it’s accessible to every subscriber, vs. giving it a traditional theatrical release, where it would collect money from ticket sales.

Either way, if you were an Atomic Blonde fan, cross your fingers that Atomic Blonde 2 is indeed finally making some progress moving forward. And if the sequel were to become one of Netflix’s hit originals, needless to say that could pave the way for even more sequels, giving the streaming platform another full-blown franchise.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates concerning Atomic Blonde 2, and in the meantime, keep track of what movies are still set to hit theaters this year with our 2020 release schedule.

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