'Barbarian' Video Interviews With Justin Long, Georgina Campbell And Zach Cregger

“Barbarian” stars Justin Long and Georgina Campbell along with Writer and Director Zach Cregger join CinemaBlend to discuss their buzz-worthy new horror film. Learn why the cast trusted Cregger’s vision for the story, working with Bill Skarsgård, how audience feedback shaped the film, and much more!

Video Chapters:

0:00 Intro / Zach Cregger on CGI vs Practical

0:31 Zach Cregger shares how the trailer came about

1:20 Cregger on reading fan theories online

2:10 The cast on their trust in Zach Cregger’s script when it came to finding their characters

3:30 Cregger explains how Tess and AJ are two sides of the same coin

4:07 Georgina Campbell shares how Tess’ journey helps drive the tonal shifts in the film

5:06 The intention of casting Bill Skarsgård as Keith

5:52 Zach Cregger on test screenings prior to release

6:50 Justin Long shares that this is his favorite horror experience to date

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