Can New Amsterdam's Reynolds Move On From His Polyamorous Relationship Before The End? The Star Weighs In

Jocko Sims as Floyd Reynolds in New Amsterdam Season 5
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Dr. Floyd Reynolds has been fairly unlucky in love over the years of New Amsterdam, even after the future seemed bright for a time with Evie. His love life became immensely complicated once he started falling for Dr. Lyn Malvo, which led to a polyamorous relationship with her husband, made all the more complicated by a pregnancy. Now, as Season 5 approaches its end, Reynolds has his eye on traveling nurse Gabrielle, and Jocko Sims has weighed in on whether he has a shot at a normal relationship with her. 

The breakup with Lyn still left some strings attached due to her pregnancy and the very real feelings that endured despite Reynolds struggling with the polyamory, and his decision to say goodbye to her actually set him on the path to reach out to his father. After the monumental changes in his life due to his previous romance, Jocko Sims spoke with CinemaBlend about how his approach with Gabrielle is different:

Well, I would say that Floyd is definitely evolving. He started out by saying he wanted a traditional family and then ended up in a polyamorous relationship with the kid. So Floyd is going into this situation a bit more open-minded, save the fact that she's a traveling nurse, which kind of weirds him out a little bit, because he still wants something long term. But he'll give in eventually. He's looking for a strong connection, and he definitely feels that he can have that with Gabrielle.

It seems that Reynolds can’t fall for a woman without some kind of complication possibly getting in the way! He even recently found out that Bloom had an abortion while they were together, which happened several years ago. Gabrielle’s status as a traveling nurse should mean that any relationship would be temporary, but a strong connection is a big draw. Perhaps going in with an open mind could result in a happier ending than he had with Lyn!

Of course, there is a limited number of episodes left before New Amsterdam comes to an end, so Reynolds may need to get a move on if he’s going to begin a romance with Gabrielle before the final credits roll. When I asked if he learned anything from the relationship with Lyn that he could apply to possibly starting from the beginning with Gabrielle, Sims shared:

Yeah, I think he did! I think he would learn to give it a shot. In fact, when the nurse Gabrielle first asks him to go get a drink together, he was hesitant. She said, 'How's the love life been going for you?' And he's like, 'Terrible. Just not good.' So she basically encourages him to try something different. She opens him up in a different way, yet again, to give it a shot. I think that's how it's different this go 'round. It's just like, 'Let go more, Floyd. Open up.'

Giving romance a shot instead of shooting the idea down just because of her job is something that he might not have done in earlier days of the show, and Gabrielle may be just who he needs after evolving over the previous four seasons. It seems unlikely that Lyn will be back before the end, and Gabrielle could help him to a good place before the series comes to a close. 

Fans will get to see more of Reynolds than usual this week, with two episodes airing in the wake of La Brea’s midseason finale opening up the earlier time slot. Be sure to tune in to NBC on Tuesday, November 22 starting at 9 p.m. ET for a double dose of New Amsterdam! On top of the latest with Reynolds and his situations with both Gabrielle and his father, the medical drama has set up some major storylines for the other characters ahead of the finale. 

Max in particular made a big move to try and move on from his relationship with Helen with somebody he feels a strong connection with, but Dr. Wilder shot down his invitation out on a date immediately. Whether that was truly the end of what seemed to be a budding romance remains to be seen! 

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