New Amsterdam Stars Talk Polyamory Vs. Open Marriage And Rooting For Reynolds In Season 3

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New Amsterdam Season 3 got off to an unconventional and tragic start due to the need to address the real-life events since the end of Season 2, but the show also quickly moved on to show the characters finding ways to move onward, upward, and – in Reynolds' case, at least – in some directions that not even he had seen coming. After Reynolds formed a connection with newcomer Dr. Lyn Malvo, their story has delivered twist after twist to the point of an open marriage announcement. Stars Jocko Sims and Frances Turner opened up to CinemaBlend about what that means for Season 3.

Frances Turner's Lyn Malvo dropped a shocking reveal on Jocko Sims' Reynolds with the news that the marriage that had seemingly been an obstacle toward a possible romance wasn't quite as much of an immovable obstacle as he'd believed. Her reveal that she and her husband have an open marriage was a potential game-changer, and one that both characters and New Amsterdam are treating very seriously rather than as anything lighthearted. Frances Turner talked about bringing gravity to the topic on television, and the differences between polyamory and open marriage in defining the relationship in Season 3:

This is life for people who have open marriage and polyamorous relationships, and there is a difference. I had to kind of read up on it, [because] there is a difference between the two. It's great that people can see different types of experiences. And even if someone is not in an open marriage, or polyamorous, or whatever. Whatever it is, the two people in a relationship define the rules of their relationship. So I think it's interesting to see it play out, like you said, in a serious way with mature people who have to really weigh these decisions at each step, to move forward or not move forward, and protect their feelings and the feelings of other person.

It's up to Malvo and Reynolds to define what their relationship is and really what their relationship could be, and Reynolds at least seems to need some time to think on what an open marriage would mean if there's the possibility of pursuing something with Malvo. If he defines it as polyamory while she has a ring on her finger, he might not be on board, based on his initial reaction. If he defines it as something else, as he well could... well, his love life could get even more complicated than it already is. Frances Turner continued:

It's not just some physical thing. They actually really are realizing that they are very into each other and have a connection and care about each other, that something about this is different. Something about this is different to make him even consider it. Something about her is different. Something about him is different for her to even say like, 'I've never acted on this before, but I might want to now.' It's something about him.

The whole situation would obviously be so much simpler if their attraction was simply physical or based on their bond over music or just on their chemistry, but they've both caught feelings, so to speak, and the connection doesn't seem like one that will just go away no matter how Reynolds feels about the latest twists. Who could have seen this coming back when his future seemed to hold wedding bells with Evie, and then working with Bloom in the ED? As complicated as the relationship now is for Reynolds, I had to ask Jocko Sims for his thoughts on rooting or not rooting for Reynolds and Malvo to get together. The actor explained:

Well, for me, I like the journey again that the writers take Reynolds on, because I would have never expected to see Reynolds in this situation. And had I heard, I'd be like, 'What? That's not a good idea.' But if you take the journey and you see, 'Oh, this is how somebody could end up in that situation.' I'm just rooting for Reynolds overall to win and get what he wants out of life. Maybe this is what he had been looking for. We can already clearly see that there are some differences in this dynamic. She's thrown him off by making him feel comfortable and making him laugh and and talking music, what she loves, and all of that's been very interesting for Reynolds, so I just want him to be happy. And I would say that I'm rooting for that.

Jocko Sims is rooting for Reynolds to just be happy, and Reynolds' interactions with Malvo earlier prove that she really does make him happy... whenever he's not thinking about that ring on her finger. And New Amsterdam hasn't showcased Reynolds after he's had some time to think about Malvo's reveal of an open marriage, so it should be interesting to see whether he'll feel differently after his knee-jerk reaction to the news. After all, who could blame him if he needs some time to think over this game-changing – or not game-changing – news? Fans might have needed some time as well!

And in fact, since New Amsterdam took an extra week off between episodes, fans have had almost two full weeks at this point to think over Reynolds and Malvo's potential future in Season 3 leading into Season 4, and only two episodes are left before the final credits roll on the third season. Fortunately, New Amsterdam has already been renewed for that fourth season, and it's entirely possible that the complicated relationship between Reynolds and Malvo will continue into the 2021-2022 TV season. And hopefully without the kind of hiatus between the shortened Season 2 and premiere of Season 3!

See how the journey continues (or doesn't) for them and the rest of the characters in the next new episode of New Amsterdam, airing on Tuesday, June 1 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC, and the season finale the week after, with no more Tuesdays off before the end of the season. If you've missed any episodes so far (or are just in the mood for a rewatch) you can find the full third season so far streaming on Peacock. As for how you can fill your primetime hours once New Amsterdam and more shows wrap for the season, be sure to check out our 2021 summer TV premiere schedule.

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