Cobra Kai Hasn’t Been Renewed For Season 6, But Ralph Macchio Believes ‘There’s More To Come’

Cobra Kai’s Season 5 ending set the stage for a lot of potentially awesome storylines going forward, assuming that the Netflix series scores its renewal. During a recent interview with CinemaBlend, star Ralph Macchio noted that while the official order for more episodes hasn't happened yet, he had an update on where things stand with some clues about what a new season might contain.

I spoke to Ralph Macchio about his memoir Waxing On: The Karate Kid And Me, which highlights his career and history with The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai. I took the chance to ask the Daniel LaRusso actor for some intel about the presumed next season and whether it would answer our burning questions after Season 5. Macchio said:

Well, I can say this much. One, I do have to say Season 6 has not officially been picked up, so we’re waiting. Every interview I do I’m checking my emails to see if it’s locked yet, but there are discussions and plans and such. But it has not officially been picked up. So, I need to go on the record saying that at this point I don’t know. I will say this much: every season, the guys write so much into it that there are certain things that need to get punted to the next season, and there are a few moments and things in Season 5 that are being held for a story enhancement in Season 6. They’ve certainly teed up the international element with the Sekai Taikai, Kim Sun-Yung. And all that stuff that they layer in there. So, just when you think you could relax, I think there’s more to come.

Ralph Macchio couldn’t just drop huge spoilers about what Cobra Kai Season 6 may cover, but did indicate that fans should look at some of the unresolved stories for answers on where things will head. Of course, there’s the obvious international Sekai Taikai invitation, and it sounds like Kim Sun-Yung will continue to be a factor in the series even after Terry Silver’s defeat. Then there’s the fact that Johnny Lawrence has a baby on the way, which should be an adventure worth renewing a Netflix subscription for on its own. 

As mentioned, though, Netflix still hasn’t officially greenlit Cobra Kai for Season 6. The good news is that Ralph Macchio noted that discussions for it are ongoing, and it seems unlikely that the streamer would cancel the series in the wake of yet another successful season. Besides, the series just can't end when we haven't even seen Hilary Swank return as Julie Pierce just yet! She recently shared that she has yet to be invited

Additionally, the prospect of Cobra Kai traveling abroad for an international tournament is exciting. It feels like the stakes are raised even higher for all the young competitors, and that the danger could escalate as well. There was definitely more violence and bloodshed in Season 5 and some truly spectacular fights, so I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if we see Miguel, Sam, and others face even greater peril moving forward. I'd imagine the Sekai Taikai would be loaded with talented competitors, and even some willing to win at any cost. 

Cobra Kai’s showrunners noted they weren’t willing to cross the line of killing a character in Season 5, but who knows how they’ll feel about that should the show return for Season 6? In any case, all of this speculation will be much more fun if the news of a renewal comes down sooner rather than later. 

In the meantime, fans can currently stream Seasons 1 through 5 of Cobra Kai over at Netflix, and maybe push the scales further in favor of a Season 6 renewal, though that doesn’t seem like something anyone should worry about too much at this point. I’m more worried about how Johnny will acclimate to having a baby and hope he can navigate it better than attempting to raise teens.

Mick Joest
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