'For All Mankind' Interviews | Shantel VanSanten, Wrenn Schmidt, Edi Gathegi And More!

“For All Mankind’s” castmembers Shantel VanStanten (Karen Baldwin), Sonya Walger (Molly Cobb), Wrenn Schmidt (Margo Madison), Jodie Balfour (Pres. Ellen Waverly), Edi Gathegi (Dev Ayesa) and bosses Ronald D. Moore (Creator/Writer/EP) and Maril Davis (EP) joined CinemaBlend’s Katie Hughes at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 to discuss everything you’ve been dying to know about the Apple TV+ hit series. Watch as they discuss how Season 3 will set up for Season 4, a deep dive into their character dynamics, and more behind-the-scenes details.

Video Chapters

  • 00:00 - Intro / From Political to Personal Tease 
  • 00:10 - How Will Season 3 Set Up For Season 4, And How Far The Showrunners Plan To Take It 
  • 01:09 - How Sonya Walger Feels About Molly’s Firing, And What’s Next For Her 
  • 01:53 - Jodie Balfour And Wrenn Schmitt On Balancing The Political With The Personal This Season 
  • 03:46 - Are Dev and Karen Good People? Edit Gathegi And Shantel VanStanten Weigh In 
  • 05:35 - Is Another Confrontation With The Russians Coming? 
  • 06:10 - The Cast On Missing Tracy And Gordo’s Sarah Jones And Michael Dorman In Season 3 
  • 08:37 - The Cast Reveals The Good And The Bad Of The Aging Makeup Used In Season 3
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