Gabriel Iglesias Sets A New Goal Following His New Netflix Special, And It Involves Elon Musk

Fluffy is back! Gabriel Iglesias, the stand-up comedy superstar, filled Dodger’s Stadium for the recording of his latest Netflix special, Stadium Fluffy. As a Southern California native, bringing his jokes to the iconic sports venue is a feat that he never could have dreamed of. So where to go from here? Well, Iglesias has his sights set on another venue, and not only is it a little “out there,” it involves Elon Musk.

I recently caught up with Gabriel Iglesias to discuss the special, and given that he feels as if he’s peaked on Earth, the only place to go from here is up. He said this:

I thought about retiring right after. That was an actual thought in a conversation, just because it’s like, ‘ok what do you do now?’... you know I’m only 46 so I’ve still got some gas left in the tank, and I still love what I do, but it sucks to be able to say that you saw your peak. Like, I jumped the shark. What do you do now? Like, I’ve got to get a phone call from Elon Musk saying, ‘hey, do you want to do 5 minutes in space?’

Obviously, the comic is being cheeky in classic Fluffy fashion, but who knows? Space might not be the most unrealistic of goals. Arguing the logistics of pop-culture in space isn’t something that Elon Musk is above doing, so for all we know, it could happen. Less worthy folks have recently made the trek to the final frontier, and maybe they would be better off with a few less billionaires and little more Fluffy.

Gabriel Iglesias is the first comic to play Dodger’s Stadium in the venue’s 60-year history. While the comedian has accomplished plenty in the entertainment industry outside of stand-up, live comedy has always been his primary gig. He’s an accomplished voice actor, having recently appeared in Paws Of Fury: The Legend Of Hank alongside a star-studded cast that includes Michael Cera and the legend that is Mel Brooks. The new special isn’t his first time working with Netflix, either, as his show Mr. Iglesias ran for three seasons before meeting its bitter end during a Netflix content purge. However, he’s back doing what he does best and reaching heights that no comic ever has before.

Exploring uncharted comedic territory seems to be important to Fluffy, as he went on to explain:

I’ve always been about, can I be the first to do something. I love being the pioneer. I love being the person that took the chance to do something no one else is doing. So, I’m all about whatever else is possible.

The special is as delightful as the man himself, and although it might take him a while to get to space, you can watch Stadium Fluffy on Netflix right now! If stand-up comedy isn’t your jam, not to worry, as there's a stellar list of Netflix movies and Netflix TV shows left to premiere in 2022.

Jeff McCobb
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