How A ‘Beyond Rated-R’ Stunt Helped Steve-O Overcome His Fear Of Skydiving

Steve-O sharing a laugh with Chris Pontius in Jackass Forever.
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Returning to theaters with a triumphant first place opening, MTV and Paramount’s Jackass Forever sees everyone’s favorite gang of daredevils doing what they do best: rejecting most of the limits that life and sense set before them at any given moment. That doesn’t mean someone like Steve-O is immune to fear though, and thanks to a “beyond rated-R” stunt he cooked up for his stand up tour, skydiving is another limit he can cross off his personal bucket list. 

We learned this from the Jackass Emeritus first hand, as Steve-O visited CinemaBlend's ReelBlend podcast to deliver tons of stories connected to the band getting back together. But there was also a section of the discussion that pertained to stunts so out there, they could never be performed under the auspices of a studio sanctioned film. As he explained the ins and outs of this skydiving stunt, you can absolutely see why you’d have to attend The Bucket List Tour to see stuff like what you're about to read: 

That was something I said 20 years ago, because I was afraid of skydiving. I really was. I have this irrational fear of roller coasters, and bungee jumping, and shit like that. I just don’t like it. So I never wanted to go skydiving, and as such, 20 years ago I said, ‘Dude, everybody does skydiving. That’s lame. If I ever go skydiving, I’m gonna be butt ass naked, with a dude strapped to my back, and I’m gonna be furiously jerking off.’ So I time it that when I blow my load, I’m actually falling out of the airplane; which is so absurd. Like every item on my bucket list, it was an idea that I had come up with years ago that was so utterly over the top that I never envisioned it actually happening. And then I decided to do it all, so that’s the level of stunts for my Bucket List tour.

It’s a notion that, upon first hearing Steve-O discuss the matter at hand, could lead a listener to break into a pure peel of laughter. I certainly did, and I had to rewind the show a little before moving forward to confirm that yes, Mr. Steve of O cranked one out before freefalling into the air. To be fair, if you were going to try and relax yourself before engaging one of your greatest fears, and continue the journey of proud sobriety that Steve-O has celebrated, you could do worse.

A stunt that could never be featured in Jackass Forever, or any incarnation of the MTV-originated franchise, is a legendarily tall order. Usually if a stunt doesn’t make the cut, it’s something that was cut for a good reason; and even then, those sorts of extras are ripe for being released in something like the upcoming Jackass 4.5. However, these “bucket list” stunts are a bit special, as they fall into the three categories that pretty much result in an automatic disqualification. Those rare firewalls are as follows: 

They’re uninsurable, they’re flagrantly illegal, highly explicit. Like on a level that’s way beyond rated-R. My publicist doesn’t want me to call it rated XXX. What else do you call a guy blowing a load as he falls out of an airplane?

What else should you expect from Steve-O’s aptly-titled The Bucket List Tour? Well, he didn’t spill too many other details, because like any good Jackass experience, you need to go in as cold as possible. However, he did drop the basic concept for another shenanigan that he gets into, which was then recorded to be shown to a live audience. Apparently one other antic you should look out for is a very special bike ride through a field, while Steve-O is being administered a general anesthetic by a “disguised” medical professional.

It’s amazing how people can overcome their deepest fears, especially when it’s all being caught on camera. While nothing this outrageous shows up in Jackass Forever, you can still see boundary-pushing set-pieces that test the body and good taste. The film is currently in theaters, as one of the most recent entries from 2022’s movies schedule. As for The Bucket List Tour, you can check Steve-O’s official website for tour dates and tickets, with shows currently scheduled through April.

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