Miles Teller Discusses How He’s Been Able To Celebrate Top Gun: Maverick’s Success

It’s safe to say, at this point, that Top Gun: Maverick is a roaring success. Tom Cruise’s long-awaited sequel has soared at the box office and broken a few personal records for the actor. The film has also received rave reviews from critics, many of which have praised its intense aerial sequences, acting, story and nostalgic vibe. The cast was especially entertaining, including Miles Teller, who more than nailed the role of Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw. Now, amid the ocean of praise the blockbuster has received, Teller is discussing how he’s been able to celebrate the film's achievements.

Miles Teller has been a busy man as of late. Top Gun: Maverick just released a few weeks ago, and he’s already in the midst of promoting his next movie, Spiderhead. It was during the junket for Netflix’s upcoming thriller that CinemaBlend’s Sean O’Connell asked Teller if he’d been able to take in the success of the Tom Cruise-led sequel. With that, Teller explained that he has been able to celebrate, though not in a traditional way: 

I mean, I guess I’m being able to celebrate it when we’re doing all these premieres really. Because as actors, that’s really the only time you get to kind of experience it with the fans. You know, it’s not theatre, where it’s live, and we’re not rockstars, we don’t get that kind of live feedback. But I have felt it, even just the little bit I’ve been out, if I’m at the grocery store or something like that. People are very generous with their kind of praises for [Top Gun: Maverick] so it feels nice.

Some fans may be tempted to think that when an actor has a new project that hits big, they carve out a bit of time to party and relish the moment. But of course, the grind continues, so stars aren’t always able to relax and enjoy being on cloud nine. Nevertheless, it’s great to hear that the star has been able to soak up the love through premiere events and sweet fan interactions. The actor does indeed deserve a lot of credit for his work in Maverick – and not just because he grew that serious-looking mustache

Like his co-stars, Miles Teller prepared for the gig by taking part in some intense flight training, which was paid for by Tom Cruise himself. As part of his regimen, Teller had to work with something known as “the dunker.” Described as a naval torture device, it requires that someone be strapped to a chair and blindfolded before being submerged in water and spun upside down. Said person also has to devise a way out of the situation or risk drowning. On top of his flight-related prep, Teller also reportedly gained 20 pounds of muscle. And if all of that weren’t impressive enough, the star insisted on playing the piano himself during the movie’s “Great Balls of Fire” scene.

His acting work shouldn’t be overlooked, either. He and Tom Cruise effectively played out the complicated relationship between Maverick and Rooster. And without getting into spoilers, there is true emotional payoff, as once promised by the Whiplash alum.

The sky is truly the limit for Miles Teller at this point, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Still, one can hope that he does get a little downtime in the near future. Even if he doesn’t spend it reveling in Top Gun: Maverick’s success, he could probably just use it for some general rest and relaxation.

You can head to your local theater now to see Miles Teller’s work in Top Gun: Maverick, and be sure that you have a Netflix subscription so that you can stream Spiderhead when it premieres on June 17.

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