How Supernatural Filmed That Epic Wayward Sisters Action Sequence

Supernatural just aired the backdoor pilot for spinoff Wayward Sisters. One star explained to CinemaBlend how the episode's epic action sequence was filmed.

The Arrow Villain Who Poses The Biggest Threat To Team Arrow, According To One Star

Arrow introduced a whole team of villains for Season 6. One star spoke to CinemaBlend about which of these villains poses the biggest threat to Team Arrow and Star City.

Chris Hemsworth Thought 12 Strong Would Be A Nice Break From Marvel-Sized Action, Was Totally Wrong
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The Major Reasons Why Supernatural Fans Will Love The Wayward Sisters Spinoff

Supernatural is finally getting a spinoff with the female-centric Wayward Sisters. One of the spinoff stars spoke with CinemaBlend about why Supernatural fans will love the new show.

Why The X-Files Doesn't Play Up Mulder And Scully's Romance

The X-Files has spent nearly a quarter of a century developing the relationship between Mulder and Scully, but the romance has remained almost entirely off-screen. Creator Chris Carter explained why.

Why Gotham's Chris Chalk Has No Problem Following Morgan Freeman As Lucius Fox

Following Morgan Freeman in any role could prove to be a daunting challenge for an actor, but Gotham's Chris Chalk is cool with it.

Why Black Lightning's Violence Got Less Pushback From The CW, According To Cress Williams

With its series premiere, Black Lightning was as captivating as it was hardcore, and Cress Williams told me why The CW didn't balk at the violence.

What Makes 12 Strong Important As A War Movie, According To Trevante Rhodes

There are many war films find themselves falling into the same trap, but not 12 Strong.

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What Black Lightning Fans Will See From Main Villain Tobias Whale, According To The Star

CinemaBlend spoke with Black Lightning star Marvin "Krondon" Jones III about the villainous Tobias Whale.

The Big Problem With Binge Watching, According To The Office’s Rainn Wilson

While Rainn Wilson is glad people are binge watching The Office on Netflix, there is downside to the trend.

The Most Fun Thing About Black Lightning So Far, According To Cress Williams

Black Lightning is about to take over your TVs, and here's what star Cress Williams has enjoyed about it the most so far.

What Ming-Na Wen Thinks About Playing Mulan Again In Wreck-It Ralph 2

Ming-Na Wen will be reprising Mulan for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, and the actresses shared with us how she felt about playing the popular character again.

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One Way The CW's Black Lightning Is More Rewarding Than Cress Williams Expected

Black Lightning star Cress Williams revealed how the show almost immediately surprised him in a great way.

Why Rainn Wilson Loved Playing His Role On Star Trek: Discovery

Wilson spoke to CinemaBlend about his recent stint on Star Trek: Discovery and his love of playing Harry Mudd.

How The Last Jedi's Rose Changed When Kelly Marie Tran Was Cast

During a recent Q&A session in Los Angeles, Rian Johnson opened up about the development of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and explained how Rose Tico evolved once Kelly Marie Tran got the role.

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How Netflix Has Made The Office Even Bigger, According To Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson seems to be aware how often The Office is binge watched on Netflix.

What Rainn Wilson Thinks About NBC's Plans To Reboot The Office

CinemaBlend recently had the chance to speak with Rainn Wilson, where he spoke about the possibility of returning to The Office.

Why Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy Is Moving Away From Iconic Characters

Rian Johnson opened up and explained why his new trilogy would shift focus away from known characters. Here's what he said.

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How Horror Studio Blumhouse Decides Whether Or Not A Movie Will Be R-Rated

Unlike any other genre, horror has a love hate relationship with the rating system.

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Why The Office’s Rainn Wilson Produced A Streaming Version Of His Latest Play

The latest release on Broad HD is a fascinating one man play Thom Pain, starring The Office's Rainn Wilson. Here's why he signed on.

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