Will Vikings Bring Back Rollo In Season 6? Here's What The Showrunner Told Us
How Downton Abbey Convinced Maggie Smith To Return For The Movie

This is how you get the gang back together.

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Why Chicago Fire Decided To Explore A Brett And Casey Relationship, According To The Showrunner

Some viewers were surprised to find sparks flying in Firehouse 51 between Brett and Casey, and Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas explained to CinemaBlend what went into the decision.

The Most Expensive Part Of The Downton Abbey Film, According To The Director

You'll never guess what part of Downton Abbey's production ran up the biggest tab.

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ReelBlend #84: Legendary Cinematographer Roger Deakins And Director John Crowley Talk The Goldfinch
Movie News
How Downton Abbey Jumped From TV To Film, According To The Director

What does it take to bring Downton Abbey to the big screen? You're about to find out.

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Chicago Fire's New Firefighter Will Be Casey And Severide 'Rolled Into One'

Firehouse 51 is getting a new firefighter in Chicago Fire Season 8, and showrunner Derek Haas revealed he'll be a little bit Casey and a little bit Severide.

Why Sylvester Stallone Chose Not To Direct Rambo: Last Blood

He still thinks fans will dig what they have come up with.

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Why Tyrese Was Ready For A Movie Like Black And Blue After Doing So Many Franchise Films

Tyrese had some very good reasons for stepping into his part in the new action drama Black and Blue.

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The Terrifying Way Naomie Harris Prepared For Black And Blue

Star Naomie Harris went to great lengths to research her part as a police officer in Black and Blue.

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Why Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Does A Surprising Amount Of Dancing

Director Todd Phillips discusses the music inside Arthur Fleck.

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Joaquin Phoenix’s Time Playing Joker Wasn’t As Intense As You Might Think

He didn't feel the need to send rats to his co-stars.

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Why The Masked Singer's Judges Will Struggle Harder In Season 2 When Trying To Guess The Celebrities

CinemaBlend spoke with The Masked Singer's Jenny McCarthy and one of the show's EPs, who explained why it'll be harder to guess in Season 2.

What Chicago Med’s Crossover With Fire And P.D. Will Be About, According To The Showrunner

The three shows of the Chicago universe are coming together again for a mega crossover, and Chicago Med showrunner Andrew Schneider dropped some details about what to expect.

Luke Wilson Tried To Convince The Goldfinch Director To Change His Big Scene
Movie News
Chicago Med's Newest Doctor Is 'Disrupting Some Relationships' In Season 5

Chicago Med is mixing things up with a new doctor, and showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov chatted with CinemaBlend about what to expect from him.

How The Goldfinch Director Balanced The Movie’s Multiple Timelines
Movie News
ReelBlend #83: Bill Skarsgard Talks Playing Pennywise And It Chapter Two

You can't see it, but he did the funny eye thing to us the entire time.

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The Hyper Gross IT Chapter Two Scene That Almost Made James Ransone Pass Out
Movie News
How Marlon Wayans’ Real-Life Family Compares To His Siblings in Sextuplets
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