Superman And Lois’ Sofia Hasmik Explains How Acting In Scenes With Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Was Different In Season 3: ‘It Was A Trip’

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Up until the end of Superman & Lois Season 2, Sofia Hasmik’s Chrissy Beppo was like so many people in the world in not knowing that Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same. However, following Ally Allston’s defeat, Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane not only looped Chrissy in on the secret identity, Clark also started working for the ladies at the Smallville Gazette. This has resulted in the dynamic between Hasmik and Hoechlin being different in Season 3, which the former described as “a trip.”

CinemaBlend’s own Erik Swann spoke with Sofia Hasmik about her work on Superman & Lois, including the Season 3 premiere development that Chrissy and Erik Valdez’s Kyle Cushing had a surprise hookup. On the subject of what it’s like acting with Tyler Hoechlin now that Chrissy knows Clark is Superman, as well as these two now being coworkers, the actress said the following:

Yeah, I mean, working with Tyler is just so much fun, especially working with Tyler and [Elizabeth Tulloch] together. That was one of the things that I was looking forward to the most this season. I was like, ‘Oh my god, that dynamic is gonna be so wild, and it's gonna be so much fun.’ And it really was, it really was, and I really do hope that it shows, you know, the fun that we were having on set and how that translates to each episode progressing. But it really is such a trip working at the Gazette with Clark and then him just doing kind of like one of his very, like Superman looks down with his super-hearing, and then he's off. And it's weird that it feels normal. Like all of a sudden she's like, ‘Yep, alright, he’s Superman, we're past that. Now, we're just gonna be working on that dynamic.’ It's quite a trip. It's so much fun.

Chrissy Beppo and Lois Lane have been intertwined in each other’s lives since Lois moved to Smallville with her family and applied to work at the Smallville Gazette, which Chrissy runs. By the end of Season 1, Lois agreed to buy half of the Gazette so Chrissy wouldn’t have to sell the newspaper, thus making them business partners. While the two had some conflicts during Season 2 about handling the coverage of what Ally Alston was up to, particularly when it pertained to Lois’ sister Lucy and her connection to Ally’s cult, they were back on good terms with one another, and now Chrissy is getting used to being Clark’s boss… in a journalistic sense.

Looking back to the Superman & Lois Season 2 finale, while it was certainly a big deal when we learned that this show is set on a different Earth than most of the other Arrowverse shows, for Sofia Hasmik, she found herself overjoyed that her character was finally trusted with the valuable secret of who Superman is when he’s not flying around the world saving people. When Erik Swann asked how she reacted upon learning about this plot development, she answered:

In all honesty, I cried. I just started tearing up. It meant so much to me as Sofia playing Chrissy, and I know it meant so much to Chrissy and I really felt the weight of that, that kind of like responsibility that was given to her and given to me, and I really teared up. It was like quite an emotional moment. It's a big deal. I mean, she even says it – this is the biggest secret that anyone's ever told her in the entire world. And you really feel the weight of that. And it really resonated with me what an important moment that was. And yeah, I teared up… It was like this kind of acceptance. It's such a big deal for Lois to have told, like, you know, anybody, and for her to have told Chrissy, it just kind of cemented that foundation even further, and it was a really overwhelming moment.

We’re only two episodes into Superman & Lois Season 3, but the premiere did give some insight on Chrissy and Clark’s new dynamic, with the former giving the latter some tips on how to improve his article. It’s also undoubtedly nice for her to have an employee who can get a head start on learning when there’s danger afoot, be it in Smallville or another corner of the world. But this is just one element of Superman & Lois Season 3 to activate viewers, with others including Chad L. Coleman’s Bruno Mannheim serving as the show’s new big bad, the forthcoming debut of Michael Cudlitz as Lex Luthor and a devastating twist for Lois Lane.

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