Will Superman And Lois Return For Season 4? Here’s What One Actor Thinks

Wole Parks as John Henry Irons in Superman and Lois
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While DC Comics TV shows spent much of the last decade as the apple of The CW’s eyes, that eras has basically come to an end. Last year saw Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow and Naomi being cancelled and Stargirl wrapping up its three-season run, and now The Flash is in the middle of its ninth and final season. Then there’s Superman & Lois, which returns for its third season in March, but there’s been no word about if it has a future beyond that. Now Wolé Parks, one of the show’s main actors, has given his opinion on whether Superman & Lois will be back for Season 4.

Wolé Parks has been part of Superman & Lois since the beginning, with his character initially being referred to as “Captain Luthor,” but later revealed to be a version of John Henry Irons from another Earth who’s taken on the Steel identity. Although he and Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman started off as adversaries, Parks’ John Henry and his daughter Natalie (Tayler Buck) are now welcomed allies to the Kent family, and that’s not changing in Season 3. On the subject of whether Superman & Lois will score a fourth season, Parks said this to ScreenRant:

I'm not even trying to joke around. Literally, we know as much as you guys know. That is literally how fluid it is right now. Do I think we're going to get another season? Yes, if I've had to put money on it, I do think we get one more season at least. But I don't know; again, it's out of my control. That's something where I just have to, as a person, just accept that life is very fluid. I know that I'll be okay regardless and even if this somehow ends up being the last season, which I don't think it is, but if it does, I'm just happy to have been a part of this process.

So although Wolé Parks is in the dark on what’s happening with Superman & Lois beyond Season 3 like the general public, he’s optimistic that the show will be able to squeeze out at least one more season. Obviously fans of this show would like this to be true, but so far there’s no official indication that’s in the cards. One thing working against Superman & Lois Season 4’s favor is that it’s reportedly an expensive show to make, with each episode’s budget coming in at around $7 million, and Nexstar, which acquired The CW, is looking to cut costs with the channel’s remaining scripted programming.

Hopefully a decision one way or another on Superman & Lois Season 4 is made before 2023 is over, because once The Flash is done, it’ll be the only DC show left on The CW. As for what Season 3 holds in store, along with Michael Bishop taking over as Jonathan Kent following Jordan Elsass’ exit, Chad L. Coleman has come aboard as Intergang leader Bruno Mannheim following his time on Arrow as Tobias Church, and fellow The Walking Dead alum Michael Cudlitz will play Lex Luthor. It’s also worth remembering that in the Superman & Lois Season 2 finale, it was revealed that this show takes place on a different Earth as opposed to Earth-Prime, the main Arrowverse reality.

Superman & Lois Season 3 premieres Tuesday, March 14 at 8 pm ET on The CW. Be sure to consult our 2023 TV schedule to learn what other shows are premiering in the near future.

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