The Emotional Reason Pierce Brosnan’s Black Adam Character, Dr. Fate, Wears A Wedding Ring And A Watch

The new DC blockbuster Black Adam is, without a doubt, a starring vehicle for Dwayne Johnson. The movie was marketed on the broad shoulders of action superstar The Rock, and the actor did heavy amounts of global press to ensure that he lured audiences out to theaters to see the movie. It worked, as Black Adam box office broke records for The Rock (but is meager by the standard of DC movies in general). But the movie also served as a proper introduction to a DC team that could be very important for stories moving forward, namely the Justice Society of America. And a standout from the team was Doctor Fate, played by Pierce Brosnan. 

If one looks closely at the detail that Pierce Brosnan brings to Doctor Fate, you will pick up on the fact that there are very personal items included in his costuming and wardrobe. Mind you, they might be hard to pick up on initially due to the explosive action that is happening in Black Adam for the movie’s run time. Even after you have looked over the key details you need to know about Doctor Fate, there were still a few lingering questions about the hero… namely why he wore a wedding ring. When we posed the question to Brosnan during a recent Black Adam press day, we learned more about the ring… but also about the character’s time piece. He told CinemaBlend:

Well, Kent Nelson had a wife. Inza was his wife. In my books, he is a widower. And so, my wife Keely (Shaye Smith) – I love watches, and she gave me a beautiful Blancpain 15 or 20 years ago. And the inscription is, ‘Time flies on love’s wings.’ And so I thought it was very fitting to wear it as a time piece for this character. And the wedding ring is my wedding ring. And there’s a silver amulet on my right wrist that is Heidr art, which is the (Nordic) mythology of the whales. You know, those three objects became Talismen for me. I don’t normally wear them in movies.

But in Pierce Brosnan’s opinion, they fit the mood when he was helping to put Doctor Fate together with Black Adam costume designers Kurt and Bart. 

We’d love to explore more about Doctor Fate in upcoming DC films, but as our own Adam Holmes points out, the way that Black Adam handled the Justice Society of America leaves a little to be desired, and Brosnan’s future in the franchise is… in doubt. There have been rumors of Black Adam scenes that could have teased more adventures for Doctor Fate. They didn’t happen, but that means the character might actually be back on the board, especially now that James Gunn is pulling the strings at DC.

We shall see what the future holds for Black Adam, the JSA, and that dude in the mid-credits scene as Warner Bros. continues to build out its on-screen universe, so stay tuned.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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