Wait, Is DC Is Setting Up A Justice Society Of America Movie Franchise?

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Although the Justice Society of America predates the Justice League by approximately 20 years, the latter DC Comics superhero group is much more well-known to the general public than the former. However, in recent years, the JSA has been getting more recognition thanks to various TV appearances, and they’ll soon make their cinematic debut in Black Adam. Now word’s come in about one of the JSA’s longtime members getting his own movie, so are preparations being made for this team to carry their own film franchise?

Warner Bros and DC Films have joined forces with Chernin Entertainment to produce an Hourman movie. This marks the first time that Chernin (which handled the Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy, among many other movies) has developed a DC property, and according to Deadline, Gavin James and Neil Widener have been tapped to write the script. Not only is there no information yet on who will play Hourman, it’s unclear which version of Hourman will lead the picture.

The original Hourman, Rex Tyler, was introduced in 1940’s Adventure Comics #48 and started out as a scientist who developed Miraclo, a vitamin that increased his strength and speed for one hour per dose. Naturally Rex then decided to become a crimefighter, and not long after, he became a founding member of the Justice Society. As time passed, Rex started to become addicted to both Miraclo and the act of crimefighting.

In more modern years, Rex Tyler’s son, Rick Tyler, carried on the Hourman legacy, also relying on Miraclo to enhance his physical state. There’s also an android from the 853rd century who served as Hourman for a time. The android, who later gained the name Matthew Tyler, was constructed by Tyler Chemorobotics, and he eventually gave Rick an hourglass that allowed him to occasionally experience visions of what would happen one hour in the future. Rick and Matthew have both served on the Justice Society and Justice League, while Rick was involved with Infinity Inc. before his time on the JSA.

The Rex Tyler incarnation of Hourman debuted in live-action in Legends of Tomorrow, where he was played by Suits star Patrick J. Adams. Both the Rex and Rick versions have also appeared on Stargirl, with Lou Ferrigno Jr. playing the former and Cameron Gellman starring as the latter. In Stargirl, Rex and Rick gained their powers from a special hourglass amulet rather than popping Miraclo. There was also efforts made in 2013 to get an Hourman TV show off the ground at The CW, but that project looks to have been shelved.

This marks yet another lesser-known DC superhero who creative minds want to bring to the big screen, with other examples including Blue Beetle (the Jaime Reyes version) and Plastic Man. Hourman getting cinematic attention also further signals big things in store for the JSA property. The team will soon clash with Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, with the lineup including Hawkman, Atom Smasher, Cyclone and Doctor Fate. Now that Hourman is on the table, it wouldn’t illogical to think that WB and DC are interested in giving this superhero team their own corner of DC’s cinematic universe. From Doctor Mid-Nite and the original Sandman to Mister Terrific and Wildcat, there are a lot of JSA members who are great candidates to be explored in the realm of live-action film.

Rest assured, if a Justice Society movie is announced, or if more JSA members are revealed to be getting their own cinematic stories, we here at CinemaBlend will let you now. For now, keep track of what’s happening on the DC films front with our upcoming DC movies guide.

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