The Masked Singer’s Duff Goldman On How He Almost Ruined The Show During His Performance, And Which Food Network Star Would 'Kill It' In The Competition

The Masked Singer Season 7 had the most chaotic premiere in the show's history on Fox, and its first eliminated contestant, McTerrier, is partly responsible. He brought a ton of energy to the stage in his opening performance, but unfortunately, his coordination issues marred his performance. McTerrier took a stumble right at the start of his performance, and then right at the end, lost his entire mask while out on stage in front of the audience.

McTerrier kept his identity concealed, though it do him much good in the long run, as his elimination came later in the night. The dog was none other than Food Network personality and Spring Baking Championship’s Duff Goldman, who spoke to CinemaBlend about the visibility issues with his costume that ultimately led to his uncoordinated performance.

Less than ideal, I think is the best way to put it, man. I mean, you can see a little bit out the mouth, but then they were like, ‘Oh, it’ll be cute if we add a tongue.’ So there was like a tongue in the way, so I could see a little bit on either side of the tongue out of the mouth. Then there was like a hole in the neck, but you can only see that if you were had to like look really strange. I mean, you couldn’t see a thing. That’s all right, you know, I mean it’s just part of the fun.

Duff Goldman isn’t upset about the visibility issues that affected his performance, and was in good spirits even though his run on The Masked Singer didn’t last long. Goldman noted that had he survived another round, he had plans to sing Smash Mouth’s “All-Star,” which I think many would’ve loved to see. 

The performance wasn’t bad, but things quickly escalated to a full-blown disaster when a slipping incident resulted in Duff Goldman's mask falling entirely off his face. Goldman broke down what his thoughts were as he struggled to hide his face and waited for assistance to help get the mask back on his head.

I was like, ‘Oh man, I hope I didn’t ruin this. . .if those guys saw me, it would totally ruin the whole game.’ I just felt really bad — that’s why I was covering up. I was just like, hopefully, nobody saw me.

The Masked Singer staff seemed to get Duff Goldman’s mask back on without the audience being clued into his identity, but as mentioned, it wasn’t so huge an issue, considering his quick elimination later in the night. Even in the case that he was completely visible to everyone in the studio, I’m sure The Masked Singer would’ve edited it out for viewers at home to prevent a premature unmasking, so Goldman probably didn’t have much to worry about. 

In either case, Duff Goldman is out of The Masked Singer, and the door is now open for future Food Network personalities to join up in the future. I asked Goldman about his top picks for potential future contestants, and he told me:

You know who would be great? I think Alton Brown. I think Alton Brown is a true showman I think he would be really great on The Masked Singer. . .You know? Bobby Flay! I want Bobby Flay to do The Masked Singer I bet he would kill it.

I’m down to see Alton Brown or Bobby Flay (who remains a Food Network star despite rumors last year claiming otherwise) performing on The Masked Singer, though who knows if it’ll ever happen. I’m also curious if we can just get a show with chefs preparing foods while in costume, though given Duff Goldman’s visibility issues, that might be a bad idea without some 

The Masked Singer airs on Fox on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. It’s one of many returning shows out this month and another reason to keep an eye on the primetime lineups. 

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