What Cobra Kai’s Ralph Macchio Thinks About Hilary Swank’s Comments About Not Being Invited To The Show

Cobra Kai has found ways to incorporate just about every major star of the Karate Kid franchise and give their characters chances to grow. As of Season 5’s end, we’ve had every major villain Daniel LaRusso took on, but there’s still one glaring omission in the guest star lineup that fans desperately want to see: Hilary Swank. The Next Karate Kid star has said that she’s still waiting on her call to be in the Netflix series, and Ralph Macchio has some thoughts on that. 

CinemaBlend spoke to Ralph Macchio about his latest book Waxing On: The Karate Kid And Me, which is loaded with the actor’s personal stories about working on The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai. Macchio also talks about other projects he wasn’t as heavily involved in like The Next Karate Kid, so it seemed like a great time to ask if he’d seen Hilary Swank’s comments about not being called and whether he’d like to see her appear. He shared:

I know, I read that! I think, listen, most of this rests on Jon (Hurwitz), Josh (Heald), and Hayden (Schlossberg) who create the show, and the writing staff. And we’re always very collaborative and we always talk through things. They are great listeners and that’s why, like I said, they care, and I care. So, I think that’s why everything's working. I think there’s certainly room in the Miyagiverse.

Ralph Macchio wanted to make it clear that while he’s one of the stars of Cobra Kai, having Hilary Swank appear in the series as Julie Pierce isn’t really up to him. That falls on the shoulders of the co-showrunners, who once told CinemaBlend they’d discussed plans for if Swank ever reprised her role. Those discussions evidently haven’t resulted in a phone call of any kind. 

Hilary Swank not appearing in Cobra Kai doesn’t sound like a slight to the actress or her contribution to the Miyagiverse, in case anyone thought that after hearing she hasn’t received a call to join. Ralph Macchio continued with his thoughts about Julie Pierce meeting up with Daniel LaRusso and finished with his honest thoughts on where things stand with inviting her: 

You would imagine that Julie Pierce and Daniel LaRusso knew each other even though we don’t have those scenes and I’m not a part of that specific film. These guys just amaze me all the time with what they’re able to create, and the fact that they just don’t create it for fan service. They really create stories that work and enhance characters. And then the fact that it’s fan service as well is why I think it’s working on all cylinders. So, there’s my long answer to the short question that I really don’t know, but I expect if there’s an opportunity it will be taken up on.

Ralph Macchio can’t give any guarantees, but it sounds like he’d expect Cobra Kai to offer Hilary Swank a chance to return should the story call for it, and the timing works out. With that said, there’s no telling if the timing will work out anytime soon, as Swank recently announced she’s expecting twins. I can imagine that she might not be down for any classic intense fight scenes! Of course, we’re still waiting on the official word that Season 6 is happening, but hopefully, that as well as a future Swank appearance as Julie Pierce will be confirmed in the coming months. 

Cobra Kai Seasons 1 through 5 are available to anyone with a Netflix subscription. Anyone looking to see Hilary Swank as Julie Pierce can also check out The Next Karate Kid on the platform, and see Mr. Miyagi’s other protege kick some ass.

Mick Joest
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