What John Krasinski Will Miss The Most About Playing Jack Ryan

Here’s how you know that John Krasinski has had one hell of a career. Mention his name in a group of film and television fans, and they likely would bring up his work as Jim from The Office, the fact that he starred in and directed both A Quiet Place movies, and even the fact that he finally cameoed as Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four in a Marvel movie before they even get around to bringing up his performance as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – a part you can watch with an Amazon Prime subscription, and that would be considered iconic for pretty much any other actor.

All things must come to an end, though, and John Krasinski has made it clear that the fourth season of his Amazon Prime Video will be his last. There’s good news, however. The third season of Jack Ryan will premiere on December 21 (here’s everything we know about Jack Ryan season 3), and then the story this team has been trying to tell will draw to a close with a fourth and final season. So when we got the chance to interview Krasinski ahead of the show’s third season, we asked him what he would miss most about playing the part and working on the show. And he pointed at his co-stars, Wendell Pierce and Michael Kelly, and told us:

These two people right here. All of the times that we have off camera are as exciting to me as what you get to see on camera. Shooting the show was thrilling, getting to work with them as actors. But the time that we had together off camera, and still continue to… It’s very rare that you end a job and, you usually have acquaintances at work. You never have lifelong friends. So I’m lucky to count these two as my lifelong friends. It’s the thing I’ll miss the most, but it’s also the thing that I’m most proud of, that I have going forward.

Don’t you get the impression that John Krasinski is just the nicest dude? Tom Hanks gets that label from most people in Hollywood, but that shouldn’t steal away from the reality that Krasinski just comes across like a good dude. Here he is promoting his run as the lead in Jack Ryan, and he defaults praise to his co-stars. Mind you, one of those co-stars is the brilliant Wendell Pierce, a member of one of the greatest TV ensembles of all time in The Wire. Watch our interviews with that cast by clicking that link. So from that point, we can understand.

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan

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When Jack Ryan season 3 gets underway, the titular agent (John Krasinski) will be on the run from the agency he holds dear: the CIA. His reputation as the “boy scout” will be tested, as will the loyalty he shares with the characters played by Pierce and Kelly. It will be interesting to see where this upcoming season leaves its audience, knowing that the end is on the horizon. And then, of course, we’ll continue to track Krasinski’s progress, both on television and in them movies. 

Sean O'Connell
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