When Will Star Trek: Discovery Finally Address Short Treks' Calypso? The Director Responds

Star Trek: Discovery recently concluded its fourth season, and it was quite eventful. Fans learned the full scope of Species Ten-C (as showrunner Michelle Paradise promised) and saw Booker survive despite rampant speculation he’d meet a gamechanging death. However, there are still some loose ends that need to be taken care of. For instance, some might’ve thought that Season 4 would finally deliver answers on the infamous Short Treks episode “Calypso,” which teased an impending huge mystery approaching for the crew sometime in the future. Since the latest season didn't further that story, I just had to ask its director, Olatunde Osunsanmi, when the show might finally address it. 

Olatunde Osunsanmi (who also spoke to us about Booker’s scenes and that surprising guest star) directed Short Treks’ “Calypso” as well as the Season 4 finale and a few other episodes of Star Trek: Discovery. I asked Osunsanmi (who also serves as an executive producer) when the events of the installment (which has sparked many theories regarding canon) might play out in the actual series, noting that Season 4 brought viewers a step closer with the introduction of the ship’s A.I., Zora. With all of that, I received the following in response:

Yeah, I think Zora is about all we got in Season 4. You know, you’re gonna have to ask Michelle Paradise and Alex Kurtzman, but I’ve been wondering too. Because, as you know, I directed ‘Calypso,’ and it’s always nice to see the two worlds collide. So, Zora was really exciting. You know, I think [Michelle] might have something planned for that in Season 5, but I’m not entirely sure. We haven’t seen the whole season yet. But yeah, I couldn’t agree [more]. It would be nice to see how that all dovetails together.

In "Calypso," a man stranded in an escape pod is saved by the Discovery, despite there being no crew to save him. Craft forms a bond with Zora but wishes to return home to his family. The A.I explains that she must maintain her position and can’t leave the area, per the Captain’s instruction. And the big reveal is that the operating system been alone for 1,000 years, which raises major questions about what becomes of the Discovery crew.  

Though Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 didn’t address Calypso beyond the introduction of Zora, it appears Season 5 could possibly shed light on that mystery. Just how much clarification we get is up in the air, though I’d imagine with the A.I. already introduced, it’s possible the upcoming season will finally feature the adventure that leaves the ship vacant for 1,000 years. Hopefully, the crew is safe and sound and the show isn't headed for an abrupt, and downright tragic, ending.

Star Trek: Discovery and Short Trek’s “Calypso” are both available to stream with a Paramount+ subscription. The season might be over, but there are still plenty of other new Star Trek shows coming in 2022 that you can check out and get excited about.

Mick Joest
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