Adam Sandler Found A Billy Madison Throwback, And Now I’m Emotional

Adam Sandler in Billy Madison
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Over 25 years ago, Adam Sandler gifted moviegoers with one of his most iconic comedies -- Billy Madison. While the movie didn’t quite strike a chord with critics, audiences enjoyed the comedic tale of a 27-year-old who returns to grade school to prove he can manage his father’s company. Today, the movie is still enjoyed by plenty of fans, including Sander himself. The actor, who tends to get nostalgic once in a while, recently discovered a throwback from the production that he shared on social media. And it’s enough to get any fan emotional. 

Though the star has paid tribute to his past features before, this may be his best callback yet. The Happy Madison Productions founder took to Twitter to share that he’d found the call sheet for the first day of work on Billy Madison. Marked with the date June 26, 1994, it features a rundown of the scenes being done on that particular day. Check out the cool piece of movie history and the actor’s brief caption for yourself down below:

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Fans may not have actually been on set when the movie was actually in the midst of production, but seeing this tidbit could make anyone nostalgic. It’s a sweet keepsake and one that any fans of the Sandman would love to get their hands on. But I’m certain the comedian has no intention of giving up that nugget of history. 

Based on the stories that have been revealed from the production of the film, the atmosphere on set was “interesting,” to say the least. Adam Sandler actually drew the ire of some of the parents on set, during the film’s hilarious dodgeball scene. The sequence sees Sandler’s Billy get a little too rough while playing against his much younger classmates, and apparently, the actor actually hit one child too hard. Though Sander later contended that it was in the script. 

Another memorable tale involves the late great comedian Norm Macdonald, who made his movie debut in the project. According to Adam Sandler, Macdonald fell asleep while the two of them were filming a scene. And actually, there’s a chance the star may have done a little “method acting” and taken a cue from his character, who was supposed to be drunk at the time. 

But for all the craziness and head-scratching moments in front of and behind the camera, Billy Madison is still a comedy treasure. Not only did it deliver a quirky (and over-the-top) story, but it also introduced some hilarious characters, including a nice villainous turn from Bradley Whitford.

With the nostalgia Adam Sandler feels for the movie, one can’t help but wonder if he’d ever consider making a sequel to the movie. Such a film may be a long shot, but I think a number of fans would be interested to see if Sandler’s Madison did indeed end up becoming a teacher. 

Billy Madison is currently available to stream on Peacock.

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