Jackass 4 Director’s Legal Case Against Bam Margera Has Taken A Serious Step Forward

Bam Margera standing under a skylight

Former Jackass collaborators Bam Margera and director Jeff Tremaine have been embroiled in a feud surrounding the production of Jackass 4 for some time now. This lingering matter had grown to the point where Tremaine filed for a restraining order against Margera, after kicking him off of the third cinematic sequel in the MTV franchise. Now things have taken a serious step forward, as Jeff Tremaine’s request has been granted, and for some pretty upsetting reasons.

Per reporting from People, after the publication had secured documents outlining this Jackass 4 legal drama, Bam Margera is officially required to stay away from Tremaine for a period of three years. This restraining order also pertains to Tremaine’s wife and two children, as Margera reportedly sent death threats via text message to the Jackass director and his family. Fearing for his family’s life and safety, legal measures were taken, and ultimately secured, to keep Bam Margera away from the Tremaine family.

While we didn’t previously know the circumstances that spurred on Jeff Tremaine’s decision to file for a restraining order, reading some of the particulars from Bam Margera’s threats clear that question up immediately. In one instance, Margera even claimed that he was a wizard who could conjure lightning at will. Even in the seemingly wild world of Jackass, there’s are lines that exist that shouldn’t be crossed; and this is most certainly one of them.

Previously, Margera’s participation in Jackass 4 was a question waiting for an answer. And according to Bam Margera’s own accounts, that process led to a year and a half of uncertainty, resulting in what he claimed to be “a way where everyone wins in the end.” But upon failing to maintain sobriety, as stipulated in his Jackass 4 contract, Margera was kicked off the project, which led to the threats recounted above.

Despite the unpleasant revelations of this latest chapter in Jackass 4’s production, the film looks to still be on track with its filming. As hospitalizations have already taken place during the production of what looks to be Johnny Knoxville’s final ride in the saga, there’s still somewhat of a sense of normalcy at play. It’s still upsetting to see Bam Margera on the outs with his Jackass family, but now the world knows more about how and why things got to the point they currently stand at.

Jackass 4 is preparing to smash into theaters on October 22nd, with some pretty extreme stunts already being discussed. But you can grab some action in the meantime, thanks to the 2021 release schedule available to help you find the next thrill at a theater near you. We can’t guarantee that another movie in 2021 will attempt a paralysis themed stunt, but you never know what’s waiting around the corner.

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