After The Rock Set The Record Straight On Vin Diesel Feud, He Shares How Joke About His Fast Co-Star Made It Into Red Notice

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel have had a very public feud after starring together in the Fast and Furious franchise. Recently, Johnson opened up about the beef, how it affected the movie crew, and how things ended up boiling over between the two stars. After The Rock set the record straight on the Vin Diesel feud, he has shared how a joke about his Fast co-star made it into his new film Red Notice.

Apparently, there is a Vin Diesel Joke in Red Notice, and The Rock has explained how it came to be and who came up with it. While speaking to ET Online, Johnson was asked about the joke in the film, and he explained how it made it into the film. Johnson explained that his Red Notice co-star Ryan Reynold’s came up with it, saying:

You know, Ryan loves to improv, and I love that. I've known Ryan for a long time, 20 years. Man, we go way back. I've known Ryan longer than anyone in Hollywood, and so that's how close we are and the Vin joke, audiences love it, very, very funny. But that was Ryan. He came up with that.

Ryan Reynold’s improv skills on set led to the joke about Vin Diesel making it into the film, and The Rock seems to have liked how it came out. The Rock gives all the credit to his co-star, explaining how far back they go in Hollywood, and their relationship is such that Reynold’s was comfortable enough to make fun of the man on the other side of The Rock’s feud. The feud is definitely still something Johnson cares about since he has brought it up several times recently. Notice is out on Netflix officially so fans can see what the joke is for themselves. 

Fast and Furious star Ludacris recently gave his honest response to Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel’s ongoing feud, essentially saying that they are both adults and the situation is very delicate. The Rock’s Fast and Furious spin-off Hobbs and Shaw will probably be the only time we see him in a Fast movie ever again since it’s his own film outside of the orbit of Diesel and the main franchise. Johnson is extremely busy, and a Hobbs and Shaw sequel would have to be amazing to get him to drop his plans to do it

The reviews for Red Notice are in, and the Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynold’s led action movie will be one of Netflix’s most popular movies regardless of how well it does critically due to its sheer star power the film. The film will be a must-watch for fans of Johnson and his co-stars. It looks like a funny and action-packed movie you can watch in the comfort of your home. 

The Rock’s super successful summer movie Jungle Cruise is getting a sequel, and he responded by raising a glass and thanking fans from around the world for supporting the film and responding to him and his co-star Emily Blunt and his performances. The Rock has a ridiculous amount of upcoming projects, including the highly anticipated comic book movie Black Adam and plenty more. 

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