Armie Hammer Sued By American Express Amid Career And Professional Crisis

Two years ago Armie Hammer was a major star in Hollywood whose future only looked to be getting brighter. Unfortunately, the actor’s career is essentially over. Following accusations of sexual misconduct Hammer dropped out of all the movies he was planning to make and he’s had to make money elsewhere. And now it seems his financial issues are only getting worse as Hammer is being sued by American Express. 

TMZ reports that Hammer is being sued by the credit card giant over an equally giant unpaid balance of $67,000. Exactly how long Hammer has been carrying the balance is unclear but certainly it’s been long enough that Amex decided that a lawsuit was the necessary step to be taken, which means other methods of collection have failed.

It seems the account is one that Armie Hammer and his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers held together, so whatever balance is owed is likely owed by both of them to some degree. The account is apparently one of many things that needs to be dealt with as part of the currently ongoing divorce proceedings between the pair, so that would seem to explain why it hasn’t been paid. It's likely neither side is looking to pay the bill if they think the other side should.

While it’s perhaps understandable why Armie Hammer and his wife are still working out personal details before dealing with the American Express balance, that doesn’t mean the credit card company is going to be willing to wait to let them figure things out. Divorces can be dragged out for years, as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have shown us. It could be quite some time before a resolution to this account is agreed on by both sides in the divorce. In the end this lawsuit may force the issue.

It was a January 2021 that a series of sexually explicit texts, including suggestions of cannibalistic desires, surfaced, which Hammer allegedly sent to somebody who was not his wife. The pair are now going through a divorce. 

Following that revelation, Hammer dropped out of the various film projects he had been attached to, and other films he had already made like Kenneth Branagh's Death on the Nile largely downplayed his participation. At this point it's unclear if nobody is interested in hiring Hammer, or if Hammer has taken himself out of acting, but it amounts to the same end result.

This past summer it was reported that Hammer was selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands as a way to make money now that his Hollywood career has, at least for now, seemingly come to an end. This may also be part of the reason the credit card bill has become a part of the divorce fight as it’s being reported that Hammer is out of money. 

Dirk Libbey
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