Looks Like Armie Hammer’s Situation In The Cayman Islands Has Finally Been Cleared Up

Although Armie Hammer was seen earlier this year as part of Death on the Nile’s ensemble cast, for the most part, the actor has kept a low profile for a while now. Last year saw him being accused of sexual abuse from multiple women, which included expressing cannibalistic fantasies through text messages. This led to Hammer resigning from various projects, splitting from his wife and checking into a treatment center, and last week brought word that he was giving tours in the Cayman Islands. Now it looks like this particular aspect of Hammer’s life has finally been cleared up.

In case you missed the news from last week, a picture of a flyer made the rounds on social media which advertised Armie Hammer working at a Cayman Islands hotel as a “personal concierge” giving tours. This was followed up by photos surfacing of Hammer wearing a blue polo and slacks, and entering the offices of a resort in the Caymans. While one of Hammer’s lawyers, Andrew Brettler, previously said that the flyer was fake, Variety has now heard that the actor is indeed working at the hotel, only he’s selling timeshares. According to an unnamed source:

He is working at the resort and selling timeshares. He is working at a cubicle. The reality is he’s totally broke, and is trying to fill the days and earn money to support his family.

This individual also told the publication that prior to selling timeshares, Armie Hammer was managing an apartment complex in the Cayman Islands, and that he’s living there so he can be close to his ex-wife Elizabeth and their two children. Although Hammer is the great-grandson of oil tycoon Armand Hammer, he’s reportedly not on the “family payroll,” and this needs to work a “normal and respectable job” since his Hollywood gigs have dried up. Variety previously reported that an employee from the hotel in question that the flyer had been made as a prank, and that Hammer had simply been staying there and golfing with some of the staff. However, the aforementioned unnamed source alleges that the hotel was trying to “protect” Hammer.

While we may not officially know exactly what’s going on here until Armie Hammer actually comments, right now, more signs are pointing towards him working at this Caymans hotel to make ends meet. Prior to the sexual abuse allegations, Hammer was set to star opposite Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding, and he’d also shot scenes for the Taika Waititi-helmed sports movie Next Goal Wins. However, Hammer dropped out of Shotgun Wedding shortly after the allegations surfaced in January 2021, and he was replaced with Josh Duhamel. As for Next Goal Wins, Will Arnett was recast in Hammer’s role for the reshoots.

CinemaBlend will pass along any other major updates concerning Armie Hammer, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in seeing his performance as Simon Doyle in Death on the Nile, the 20th Century Studios movie can be streamed with a Hulu subscription.

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