As Rust's Production Company Disputes Responsibility For On-Set Death, Alec Baldwin Set Up A New Production Company

With Rust’s on-set death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins continuing to be arbitrated, developments with the cast and production company are moving forward as well. Production company Rust Movie Productions LLC is contesting the maximum fines that were leveled in a recent court decision, as well as claims of its responsibility for this untimely death. Meanwhile, actor Alec Baldwin is setting up shop with a new company of his own, and with another upcoming movie in the works as well.

Per the latest news from Deadline, Rust Movie Productions LLC is formally challenging the decision to fine the producers $136,793. As one of the two options available for exercise, Rust’s producers have opted to proceed with their counterclaim, as they see this result as “factually and legally inaccurate.” It should be no surprise, as there’s been no shortage of point/counterpoint arguments made during the total scope of this inquiry. 

The arbitration surrounding the shooting of a prop gun that killed Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza has been in the news ever since day one. Footage of the tragic moment on Rust’s set has even made its way online, adding further texture to such decisions.

These legal issues continue to progress as expected, with Alec Baldwin continuing to keep busy. One of Rust's leading actors, Baldwin has maintained cooperation in any further capacity where it’s required, so his next project shouldn't get in the way of continuing to do so. As it happens, further details on that movie, and the company formed to shepherd it, have also been revealed.

The News On Alec Baldwin’s New Production Company

Just as Alec Baldwin has recently returned to the world of acting, his next film marks the formation a new production company. Partnering Baldwin and Grey’s Anatomy producer Anjul Nigam, their company Persona Entertainment was also reported by Deadline, with the new shingle heading to the Cannes Film Festival to promote its first movie, False Awakening

It’s an interesting follow-up to Baldwin’s recent gig as Santa Claus, and the premise is intriguing enough that it could easily find a buyer on the open market. Alec Baldwin is both executive producing and starring in False Awakening, in which he plays a psychologist that has a patient with rather unique mental abilities. This psychological thriller promises to blur the lines of reality, and that mind bending potential is an easy hook. 

Then again, that will naturally depend on how much the unfortunate events of Rust may potentially overshadow Baldwin’s future work. As updates become available, a more complete story behind this tragedy will become better known to the public. In the meantime, if you’re curious about the 2022 movie releases heading to theaters this year, that information is readily available at your earliest convenience. 

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