Burglars Break Out Mission: Impossible-Style Tactics To Rob Hardware Store

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible: Fallout
(Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

I’d wager that quite a few film fans have seen at least one of the Mission: Impossible films in their time. The Tom Cruise-led flicks have dazzled audiences with their massive (and sometimes dangerous-looking) stunts. While some of us probably wish we had Ethan Hunt’s skills, not many of us actually do. However, a couple of burglars seemingly channelled the character when robbing a hardware store. And the result is just as odd as you’d probably imagine. 

Pearl Hardware in Portland, Oregon was the unfortunate victim of the unconventional burglary. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, October 10, was all captured on the store’s surveillance cameras. The establishment’s supervisor told local news affiliate Fox 12 that the thieves made their way to the top of the building and made their way in through the skylight. The video shows a rope hanging from the ceiling with one person shimmying down, only to be followed by the accomplice shortly after.

Once in the building, the two proceeded to gather various items into carts and bins. The store manager, identified as Drew Stefani, confirmed how long the two remained in the store and what exactly they made off with:

They were in here for about 30 minutes because they didn't trigger an alarm. They basically stole a bunch of flashlights, all of our nest thermometers, a lot of power tools, a lot of small compact big-ticket items that are easy to sell.

The supervisor had no problem acknowledging that the situation was “kind of like a Mission Impossible type thing.” Though he also pointed out that it wasn’t pulled off quite as smoothly as Tom Cruise’s protagonist would’ve done it. Style aside, they two unfortunately still made off with quite a bit of merchandise. The stolen items will collectively cost the business thousands of dollars. 

Though it can’t be said for sure whether the burglars were definitely influenced by Mission: Impossible, it’s interesting that the manager sighted that when describing the situation. If anything, it’s just an indication as to how the blockbuster film series has truly permeated pop culture. The franchise, which was birthed from the classic CBS show, just seems to resonate with moviegoers. Sure, the stunts are incredible to watch, but it’s the emotional stakes and character moments that truly make the films. 

Right now, the public is likely awaiting the release of the seventh installment, which has seen its share of setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The wait has been long, but the film finally wrapped in September, with director Christopher McQuarrie celebrating the milestone with a great pic. Based on what’s been seen from the movie so far, it looks like the action sequences are being heightened for this movie, and I doubt many would want to replicate what’s being done.

Hopefully, no one attempts to imitate these Portland burglars once this video footage begins to circulate. I think we can all agree that stealing is never right, and I’d be willing to bet that Tom Cruise himself wouldn’t approve.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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