In Another Crazy Mission: Impossible Stunt, Tom Cruise Just Kept Parachuting Out Of A Helicopter

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Death-defying stunts are synonymous with Tom Cruise and his body of work in the Mission: Impossible franchise. Every new Mission: Impossible film, there is a new crazy stunt that Tom Cruise has pulled off that is way more dangerous than it seems when you see it on screen. Recently, Tom Cruise has shown off behind-the-scenes footage of a breathtaking motorcycle stunt that could have gone horribly wrong. Now, in another crazy Mission: Impossible stunt, Tom Cruise just kept parachuting out of a helicopter.

Mission: Impossible 7 is still in production, and it seems like a new insane stunt is being added to the upcoming movie every week. Every time we think we have seen Tom Cruise do it all, he ups the ante and proves us wrongdoing something daring time and time again. Now Tom Cruise has been captured on camera performing another dangerous stunt, and he, of course, pulls it off like it’s no big deal.

The footage of Tom Cruise’s new Mission: Impossible 7 stunt starts off with Cruise jumping out of a helicopter with a couple of other daredevils. Cruise circles and glides through the air like a pro in a sort of formation with the other jumpers. Cruise is in the air for a long time and lands perfectly in stride with no problem whatsoever. Apparently, Cruise and company attempted the stunt several times, presumably to get the best possible shot for the movie.

Tom Cruise has also jumped off a cliff for Mission: Impossible 7, which is insane on its own, and director Christopher McQuarrie teased even more crazy stunts for Mission: Impossible 8. Tom Cruise has not only been performing death-defying stunts working on MI7, but he has also saved a crew member’s life mid-stunt on a moving train. If the production of Mission: Impossible 7 reflects the finished product, then the film will undoubtedly be the most epic in the franchise by far.

Unfortunately, Mission: Impossible 7 has been delayed once again alongside Top Gun: Maverick, in a sad turn of events due to uncertainty over the continued global pandemic. Another blow for Mission: Impossible and Tom Cruise fans, but the film will eventually get released and be able to be enjoyed the way it should be.

While Tom Cruise is doing a ton of stunt work for Mission: Impossible, the same can be said for his upcoming sequel Top: Gun Maverick. In that project he showed off his IRL skills as a pilot, while also launching the new cast into the air. One thing you can say about Cruise, he's willing to go there.

We will have to wait even longer to see Hayley Atwell’s new character in action and how she will change the film's dynamic. We cant wait to see what Ethan Hunt and his crew are up to and the crazy stunts and insane set pieces that the franchise is famous for.

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