No Big Deal, Just Tom Cruise And Christopher McQuarrie Relaxing On A Crashed Vehicle On The Mission: Impossible 7 Set

Mission: Impossible 7 consistently makes waves, whether it’s because of numerous delays or just the next big dangerous stunt that star Tom Cruise is taking part in. We have recently seen Tom Cruise parachuting out of a helicopter several times and jumping off cliffs to get the perfect shot for the upcoming film. In a slight change of pace, Tom Cruise and Mission: Impossible 7 director Christopher McQuarrie dropped a picture relaxing on a crashed vehicle on set.

Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie are close collaborators, and the Mission: Impossible franchise has gotten bigger and better since the two joined forces in 2015’s Rogue Nation. The escalating danger of the stunts and size and scope of the set pieces are standard for the franchise, and the pair continue to push the limits. McQuarrie has taken time to post on Instagram an excellent picture of the pair on the wreckage of some sort of vehicle on set, and it’s pretty cool.

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Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie are pictured casually sitting on a wrecked vehicle taking in the sights while on set. It’s a nice change of pace to see Cruise relaxing on a vehicle instead of trying to drive it off a cliff or weave through traffic. McQuarrie also included a message to the crew who have been working tirelessly on the film, who have gone through multiple shutdowns and delays. Mcquarrie praised their efforts and is incredibly proud of what they have all accomplished.

The film may finally be close to wrapping up production, as multiple stars have completed their required work, and Christopher McQuarrie’s message indicates that the job is almost done. Unfortunately, Mission: Impossible 7 has been delayed once again because of concerns over the pandemic and the uncertainty of people going to theaters to see films. The pandemic led to multiple shutdowns during production, and now MI7 is involved in a lawsuit concerning the various shutdowns that have taken place.

Fans will have to wait even longer to see the insanely dangerous motorcycle stunt that Tom Cruise amazingly performed multiple times. Cruise has even talked about all the things that could have gone wrong while performing such a daring feat. The delay is a blow to those patiently anticipating the film, but it will undoubtedly be worth the wait.

Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie have developed a winning formula with Mission: Impossible, taking everything great about the franchise and running with it and expanding what came before. The result has been a string of must-see action movies that get more insane with every entry. Hopefully, there are no more delays, and we can finally see all the work the stars and crew have put into making such a dynamic film.

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