Chloë Sevigny Talks Getting The Stink Eye From Bones And All Director After One Of Timothée Chalamet’s Cannibal Scenes

When we first heard that Call Me By Your Name’s Timothée Chalamet and Luca Guadagnino were reteaming, we never would have imagined cannibalism would come into play for their next project. As this film involves two cannibalistic young people in love, audiences won’t be able to help but be grossed out and moved by the story. After one of the stars of the movie, Chloë Sevigny, watched a cannibalistic scene from Bones & All, she was given the stink eye by the film’s director himself.

Bones & All is about two cannibalistic lovers who embark on a road trip during the Reagan era. While talking about this Venice International Film Festival debut film in Interview Magazine, Chloë Sevigny spoke about the time Luca Guadagnino gave her the stink eye after catching a glimpse at her reaction to the movie. 

The first time I saw it I was so vocal, but I’m also a very vocal moviegoer. I’m one of those people in the theater that’s like gasping and shouting. Even in Venice, I gasped during one of the cannibal scenes, and Luca [Guadagnino] turned and gave me a stink eye and I was like, ‘Oh my god. Wait until you screen this in New York and you get some New Yorkers in the theater, then it’s really going to come alive.’

A movie like this is bound to get a reaction. Even Mel Ottenberg, who interviewed Sevigny, said he saw Bones & All at its premiere and saw four people walk out of the movie in disgust at what they saw. It reminds me of the time when Kristen Stewart’s new horror film Crimes of the Future had walkouts at Cannes for its graphic surgery scenes. It shows that some people can’t stomach certain scenes while others like Chloë Sevigny still have the courage to stay in their seats the whole way through.

The Boy Don’t Cry actress was not just an audience member at Venice watching this, but actually had a small part in the horrific yet romantic movie. She plays the mother of the film’s female lead in a very short part. Guadagnino texted Sevigny that he was in the Midwest and had a “small, but pivotal role” for her. After reading the script, she discovered she didn’t even have one line. Her role consisted of a voiceover part as well as some growling apparently. But, she was willing to do anything to be part of a new Timothée Chalamet project, making the experience all worth it to her.

While the cannibalistic scenes are hard to ignore, the 47-year-old actress was moved by Bones & All’s romantic story. Ottenberg said it had the potential to bring you back to a time when you were in love and wanted to stay in that world. Based on the film’s 41-second trailer, it looks like Chalamet and his female lead Taylor Russell, who’s known for being in the Escape Room movies, had great chemistry with each other. They’re sure to bring fire to this coming-of-age adaptation movie.

Chloë Sevigny’s animated reactions for Bones & All may have received the stink eye from Luca Guadagnino, but there are sure to be plenty of audience members experiencing close to the same reactions. The 2022 movie release currently has a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, so it must be doing something right. You can watch this upcoming horror movie in theaters on November 23rd.

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