Dances With Wolves Actor Nathan Chasing Horse Arrested For Sex Trafficking, Accused Of Running A Cult

While landing a role in a major motion picture like Kevin Costner's Dancing with Wolves would be a dream come true, there is a downside to fame. This is especially true when serious legal issues pop up and become a public matter. Case in point: actor Nathan Chasing Horse, who was recently arrested in Las Vegas. And these are some serious charges, as the 46 year-old actor has been accused of leading a cult, and sexually assaulting underage Indigenous girls in a time that spans multiple decades. Here's what we know so far.

This shocking news comes to us from the Associated Press, which obtained police records related to the arrest of Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse, who goes by the name Nathan Chasing Horse. His arrest came after a months-long investigation, where he was reportedly discovered as a cult leader of an organization called The Circle. 6 different alleged victims of sexual assault have been discovered, dating back to the early 2000s. It's believed that he used his power position with the Native American community to gain sexual power over women. An excerpt from the warrant reads:

Nathan Chasing Horse used spiritual traditions and their belief system as a tool to sexually assault young girls on numerous occasions.

Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse Arrest.

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The allegations made against Nathan Chasing Horse go back years, and across various states including South Dakota, Nevada, and Montana. Back in 2015 he was reportedly banished from the Fort Peck Reservation in the latter state due to allegations of human trafficking. Although the recent arrest is related to an assault that seemingly occurred in Clark County, Nevada. The crimes include sex trafficking, child abuse, and the sexual assault of a child younger than 16. According to the warrant that was obtained by the Associated Press, some of the alleged victims were as young as 13. Given the seriousness of these charges, smart money says that all eyes are going to be on how it all shakes out in the legal system. 

Regarding the human trafficking element of the allegations made against Nathan Chasing Horse, he is also accused of arranging for men to have sex with his alleged victims. What's more, the documents indicated that he recorded some of these assaults. 

As previously mentioned, Nathan Chasing Horse is best known for playing Smiles a Lot in Kevin Costner's Dancing with Wolves. The 1990 epic drama was a box office and critical success when it arrived in theaters, helping to revitalize the western genre in the process. The movie was nominated for a whopping 12 Academy Awards, winning seven including Best Picture. And given these extreme allegations made against Nathan Chase Horse, smart money says that plenty of folks are going to re-watch that classic. We'll just have to wait and see how things ultimately shake out in the legal system. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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