Denise Richards Defended Her Much Criticized James Bond Role With The Perfect Clapback

2022 was a huge year to celebrate in the world of James Bond movies. The 60th anniversary of Dr. No’s release was cause for celebration, reminding franchise fans of many films like The World is Not Enough that have kept 007 on the big screen. Such memories can bring up longstanding conversations, like the criticisms surrounding Denise Richards’ Bond Girl from that very entry in Pierce Brosnan’s Bond canon.

Almost 25 years of bagging on Dr. Christmas Jones saw Richards responding to this longstanding conversation point with the most perfect clapback one could expect. Jumping onto Twitter, Denise Richards rebutted against all who have claimed she was an unbelievable nuclear physicist with this short and sweet case:

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The case against Dr. Jones was pretty much formed on Day 1, as Denise Richards’ roles in films like Starship Troopers and Wild Things apparently didn’t qualify the actor to play a nuclear expert. Naturally, just reading that statement back shows you how unfairly her The World is Not Enough character has been treated. Seeing Richards take the wind out of those sails with such a precise counterargument is a wonderful thing to behold.

It’s also a sign of the times, as Denise Richards has been fighting off trolls in recent weeks, after her recent encounter with a road rage shooter prompted some to make tasteless comments. Defying expectations, and looking fabulous in the process, she’s clearly not suffering fools in this age of the digital peanut gallery. 

Looking at the history of Bond Girls throughout history, there have definitely been some interesting decisions made with casting and characters. With that in mind, one has to realize that much like any other aspect of the formula, casting the right women for James Bond keeps the series current with the times. 

Dr. Christmas Jones was meant to be a fantasy reflecting the late ‘90s, much like Denise Richards said; so her being hired for a spot in The World is Not Enough was absolutely pitch perfect. Not to mention, her chemistry with Pierce Brosnan kept the witty banter and serious gravity of the film’s events in perfect balance. 

However, even these positives don’t make up for the one part of Richards' character that still doesn’t land almost 25 years later: that final Christmas joke made at her expense. Even in that respect, Denise Richards opening up to the internet and showing off her body on OnlyFans has only made her more of a force to be reckoned with, and a female talent with a devoted fanbase. 

Unfortunately, The World is Not Enough is not available as part of any major streaming service subscription, but if you want to relive the adventure of Bond and Dr. Christmas Jones, you can rent the movie via Amazon Prime

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