Denise Richards Responded To Troll Making Light Of Her And Husband's Scary Road Rage Shooting

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Less than a week after showing off her bikini photoshoot with makeup artist and fellow Real Housewives vet Pamela Brogardi, actress and OnlyFans celeb Denise Richards was involved in a stressful and potentially deadly incident on Monday, November 14, as she and her husband Aaron were targeted in a shooting sparked by road rage. She thankfully made it through the intense ordeal without physical injury, but she faced evenmore mental turmoil thanks to trolling commenters who lacked sympathy for her plight. 

Late on Tuesday evening, after news reports broke initially laying out the details for what happened to Richards and her hubby, the former Bond girl hopped on Twitter with an update. Though it wasn’t specifically for her millions of followers, but rather for a specific user whose foul and harm-wishing message was removed by the site’s security team for violating the rules. Here’s the gracious-until-fierce message she shared:

Thank you. I would never wish any harm on anyone. What I experienced yesterday with my husband,not that you care. Was the most terrifying situation I have ever been in. I’m sorry a shot didn’t graze my neck…asshole

The original comment was shared beneath CBS Los Angeles’ story about the on-road shooting, and several people spoke up about reporting it to Twitter’s powers that be. (Which is a whole thing unto itself, given all things Elon Musk, but that’s neither here nor there.) Sadly, even though most of the comments beneath Denise Richards’ reply are of the positive, well-wishing variety, naysaying trolls are certainly still part of it all. 

As reported by TMZ, Richards’ husband was driving her to work in their Shelby truck, and was having a difficult time locating Popsicle Studio L.A. It’s stated that the male driver following them quickly became aggravated, and was shouting at the couple from his vehicle. Though the driver was allowed to pass them on the road, he still allegedly took shots at them with some kind of gun, with photos shared of the bullethole near the back of the truck. 

Somewhat shockingly, they continued driving to the studio, where Denise Richards then put in a full 12-hour day of work, despite being shaken up the entire time, and it’s stated that her husband stuck with her on the set the entire day. Richards is currently filming the fantasy action-adventure Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace

Someone from the production who allegedly called 911 after seeing the damage to the truck, though it’s unclear if a police report was filed over the shooting. At the end of the day, the wife and husband were escorted back to the freeway by an off-duty police officer, in a presumed attempt to avoid a repeat incident if they couldn’t find their way back. 

Denise Richards has been on a wild ride in recent years, though for far more pleasing reasons than frightening life-threatening shootings. From her headline-making arrival for (and subsequent exit from) The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to COVID-necessary sex scenes with mannequins on The Bold and the Beautiful to finding unexpected financial boons via OnlyFans following her and Charlie Sheen’s daughter Sami joining the subscription-based platform (against her father’s initial wishes). Not to mention she’ll soon be seen in the TV show Paper Empire, co-starring Kelsey Grammer and Wesley Snipes, and she also more recently landed a starring role in the upcoming dramatic thriller Second Chance, opposite Encanto’s Carolina Gaitàn and 90210’s AnnaLynne McCord. 

Here’s hoping nothing else comes of this, beyond justice coming to the alleged shooter. Fans can look forward to seeing Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace at some point in 2023, where Richards’ other film A Walking Miracle will be released, with that film co-starring Mickey Rourke and Dina Meyer. 

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