60 Years Later, Bond Girls Halle Berry, Denise Richards, Ursula Andress, and More

Shirley Eaton covered in gold on the set of James Bond film Goldfinger 1964
(Image credit: Keystone / Staff/ Getty Images)

Six decades of history have seen the James Bond movies introduce the world to many a gadget and villain, plus quite a few faces playing 007 himself. However, another major piece to this formula of success has always been the Bond Girl. Companions to Commander Bond on his adventures in espionage, it’s a role that’s still coveted to this day, and has been graced by so many talented actors along the way. 

From Dr. No’s Ursula Andress to Léa Seydoux, the ladies that have made James Bond history are an eclectic group of talents. While we won’t be offering a complete rundown of the women who helped make 007 the man he is, we’d like to think this is a pretty fitting sample of some of the most notable. Please enjoy this list of some of the ladies who have made the Bond adventures all the more entertaining and exciting.  

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