Early Reactions For Billy Eichner’s Bros Are In, And Critics Are Praising The Queer Rom-Com

Billy Eichner in Bros
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Billy Eichner is no longer “on the street,” and is the star of the new studio comedy from Nicholas Stoller titled Bros. The film is garnering a lot of attention for bringing back the studio comedy, as well for the incredible queer talent involved. Bros is a major milestone, with the cast being primarily made up of LGBTQ+ actors, including SNL's Bowen Yang and Glee's Dot Marie Jones. Bros officially moved forward in March 2021, and with the historic production finally ready to be shared with the world, the early reviews are very promising.

The film chronicles Bobby, a proudly out gay museum curator who has been hired to write a romantic comedy about two gay men. Along the way, he meets Aaron, a “macho” lawyer who's very different from himself, and the two fall in love. The film, which hails from Universal Pictures, has been widely anticipated, and it premiered at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival to stellar reactions from critics. You can check out some of the highlights below.  

CinemaBlend’s own Corey Chichizola said that Bros is a lot of fun, highlighting Billy Eichner’s lead performance. 

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The Playlist’s Gergory Ellwood commented on how truly funny the film is, but did note he wished there was even more queer talent behind the camera. 

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Collider’s Ross Bonaime was charmed by the film, praising Nicholas Stoller’s direction as a rom-com filmmaker. 

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That Shelf’s Pat Mullen called the film a crowd-pleaser, highlighting its humor and heart.

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Variety’s Peter Debruge thought that while self indulgent, Bros was still very funny and a great step in the right direction. He also wanted to draw attention to impactful queer cinema that came before Bros.

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It looks like Bros is absolutely delightful, with great talent and a wonderful and hilarious story at its core. We don’t seem to get studio comedies coming to the big screen as much anymore, so to see a movie like Bros hitting theaters is very exciting, especially one that champions the LGBTQ+ community. Billy Eichner always brings the laughs, and I love to see such a talented person at the forefront of a project like this. Eichner has previously appeared in comedy series like Parks and Recreation, as well as in dramatic roles for Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story and American Crime Story anthology series. He will be reprising his role as Timon in Mufasa: The Lion King, which will be helmed by Barry Jenkins. 

To see for yourself if Bros is as funny and heartwarming as critics say it is, you can check it out in theaters on September 30th. HBO Max subscribers can also see Eichner in his popular truTV series, Billy on the Street, streaming now. For more information on other movies hitting the big screen later this year, check out our 2022 movie release schedule.

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