Fans Are Sharing Stories About Meeting Colin Farrell, And He Sounds Like The Absolute Best

Colin Farrell in The Banshees of Inisherin
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Colin Farrell has made quite the splash this year, as he has graced the screen with no less than four films in 2022. He is known for working with a variety of auteur directors on interesting projects and frequently giving memorable performances. However, as of late, he is also becoming known for some incredible fan interactions, as people have shared stories on social media about meeting the Irish actor. While none of these stories have been verified, anecdotally, the actor sounds like an absolute gem. 

Recently, a Twitter user shared a story about meeting Farrell at a restaurant, and the absolutely lovely (and hilarious) interaction that followed. According to this user, not only is the In Bruges actor very kind, he also doesn’t shy away from expressing how he feels. You can check out the tweet below:

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This tweet went viral and prompted others to share some of their favorite interactions they’ve had with Farrell over the years. One person tweeted an experience he had with the Fantastic Beasts alum while shooting the film Phone Booth. It turns out that the actor was just as nice on set as he was in public.

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Another user detailed a very kind interaction they had with Farrell while working in a bookstore. The actor eased the employee’s mind and was incredibly understanding about not having a certain book in stock. 

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Lastly, a commenter talked about what it was like working with Colin Farrell while filming The Batman. According to their tweet, Farrell was nothing but gracious to the hard-working crew members while shooting the film.

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It is so great to hear that such a critically acclaimed actor makes a point to be generous and genuine to the people around him. He is clearly very different from some of the more sinister characters he has portrayed in films like The Batman and Fright Night. He is also having increasing success in a multitude of great projects as of late, so if you weren’t rooting for more Farrell-led projects before, you certainly should now. 

Fans can look forward to seeing The Lobster actor even more in the upcoming months. He is about to lead a much anticipated HBO Max series centered around his Batman character, The Penguin. Farrell is also said to star in a miniseries titled Sugar, which will be available for AppleTV+ subscribers in the near future. He is also receiving lots of praise for his performance in Martin McDonagh’s The Banshees of Inisherin, so expect Oscar buzz as we draw closer to awards season. 

You can catch Colin Farrell in The Batman, which is currently streaming with a HBO Max subscription. Additionally, The Banshees of Intisherin is currently in theaters nationwide. For more information about other potential Oscars contenders set to hit cinemas and streaming platforms this year, make sure to check out our 2022 movie release schedule. 

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