How Disneyland Will Celebrate A Star Wars Holiday At Galaxy's Edge

Millennium Falcon at Star Wars; Galaxy's Edge
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The holiday season is about to get started at Disneyland Resort, and while that means Christmas or Chanukah for most people, the Star Wars galaxy has its own winter holiday to celebrate and that means that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be getting in on the seasonal festivities with its own event surrounding that great Star Wars holiday Life Day.

Life Day was first introduced into Star Wars mythology as part of the famous, or possibly infamous, Star Wars Holiday Special. Since then Life Day has appeared now and again in various Star Wars stories, even though the holiday special is one of those things that Lucasfilm mostly wishes you had forgotten ever happened. 

But Life Day will live on at Disneyland this year. While the rest of the theme park gets dressed up in traditional holiday decorations, and offers seasonal food to enjoy, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will have its own special menu to celebrate the season. 

The primary dining location on Batuu, Docking Bay 7, is adding Pork Broth Noodles to the menu which should warm you right up if the weather actually turns cold in Southern California. Kat Saka’s Kettle, which primarily focuses on a unique popcorn mixture, will add a couple of unique items, a Tikka Masala-spiced hand pie and a black sesame macaron with passion fruit buttercream that sounds amazing. 

Oga’s Cantina will also have a special Life Day menu that will include pork sliders, which will be the most substantial food you can get at the cantina to date,, as well as a special holiday drink, a Gin Huckleberry Cocktail. It doesn’t appear that any of these special items have cool Star Wars names, but maybe on the menu they will.  

This is the first real holiday season that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has had a chance to celebrate at Disneyland. It was open in November and December in its initial opening year, but with the land still new, there likely wasn’t much thought given to holiday experiences. Then, last year, Disneyland Resort was still closed in December, so obviously nothing happened then. Although there were hints that maybe Life Day events have been planned for some time. 

Decorations will be going up all over DIsneyland to celebrate the winter holidays, who knows what the plans might be for Galaxy’s Edge. I don’t believe pine trees are native to the planet. Still, it’s cool to see even the newest part of Disneyland get into the holiday spirit, and there’s the possibility that there are even more holiday surprises on the way. The holidays start at Disneyland November 12. 

Dirk Libbey
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