Fast and Furious’ Tyrese Gibson Shares Updates As His Mother Fights For Her Life With Covid And Pneumonia In The Hospital

ZTyrese Gibson in the Fast & Furious franchise
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The global pandemic has been rough for a lot of people. It’s been so far reaching that odds are if it hasn’t impacted you personally then you probably know somebody who has been. And now Tyrese Gibson has found himself in just about the worst possible place. He’s at his mother’s bedside as she fights for her life, suffering from pneumonia brought on by covid. 

Tyrese first posted a few days ago, letting people know that his mother was currently in hospital. He’d already been by her side for some time before he let the public know. He asked for prayers from his fans, both in the form of comments and actual prayers, letting everybody know her name, Pricilla Murray, so they can pray for her.

Unfortunately, it’s not looking too good. Yesterday Tyrese posted an update to Instagram, informing us that at this point the doctors have done everything that they can to help her. It seems at this point it’s just a case of waiting to see if it has been enough. Tyrese certainly is not losing faith.

It’s got to be hard. Losing a parent, while it’s something we all know is going to happen one day, is not easy to deal with under the best of circumstances. And with this being due to the same virus that has ravaged the world for two years, it has to be even harder. Tyrese has found himself in the place where a terribly high number of people have been, but that doesn’t make it easier.

In the era of the vaccine, covid hasn't been quite as terrible in most cases. We've seen stars from Jason Momoa to Hillary Duff get diagnosed with the illness. For the most part they seem to have made it through with few if any long term consequences. But the elderly are still at significant risk if they catch the virus. And we do still lose people, singer Meat Loaf recently died after contracting covid. And he's far from the only one we've lost

But as noted, Tyrese will not stop fighting. The doctors may have done all they can do, but he’s still at his mother’s bedside, asking her to fight, and his fans are right there praying that she’ll come out the other side of this. 

At this point it seems the situation is just in the wait and see stage. The doctors have done what they can, and it’s certainly possible that she could begin to improve if the work they’ve done is enough. More than likely another Tyrese update will come and it will either have significantly good news, or not.

Things can change so quickly. It wasn’t that long ago that Tyrese was focused on making movies, and looking forward to working with Jason Momoa in Fast and Furious 10, which is supposed to be starting production soon. Our prayers are with Tyrese and his mother as well. We’re hoping for good news.  

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