Ferrari: Release Date, Trailer And Other Things We Know About The Michael Mann Movie

Adam Driver in Ferrari
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There are few names in the world of racing (and high-performance sports cars) that carry as much weight as that of Enzo Ferrari, the driver-turned-entrepreneur who launched one of the most well-known brands of the 20th century. In the very near future, Michael Mann, the director of classics like Heat, The Last of the Mohicans, and Collateral, will bring to the screen one chapter in the iconic figure’s life to the big screen with his long-awaited biographical drama, Ferrari.  

If this is the first you’re hearing about the biopic, which will see Adam Driver take on the role of racing and sports car legend, don’t worry because we’re about to break down everything we know about this highly-anticipated film. From its release date to trailer and so much more, here’s everything we know about Ferrari.

What Is The Ferrari Release Date?

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The final months of the 2023 movie schedule are going to be busy and hectic, with some of the most eagerly awaited films slated to open between now and the end of the year, including Ferrari, which Neon will release on December 25th. The theatrical release of Michael Mann’s 12th movie comes a few months after it held its world premiere at the 2023 Venice Film Festival, where critics were split about the Adam Driver-led biographical drama.

Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, And Shailene Woodley Lead The Ferrari Cast

The Ferrari cast

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When Ferrari rolls into theaters, it will see a truly remarkable cast bring its story to life. In February 2022, Variety announced that Adam Driver had been cast as Enzo Ferrari, the famed race car driver and founder of the Ferrari sports car brand. Appearing alongside Driver in the anticipated upcoming biographical drama is Penélope Cruz, who will be taking on the role of his wife, Laura. Joining those two at the top of the cast is Shailene Woodley, who will be playing Lina Lardi, his longtime mistress.

Several months later, in July 2022, Deadline announced that Patrick Dempsey had been added to the cast as Italian race car driver Piero Taruffi, Jack O’Connell had signed on to portray British racing legend Peter Collins, and Sarah Gadon was cast to portray Mexican actress Linda Christian in the upcoming picture.

The Ferrari Trailer Has Racing Sequences, Intense Stares, And An Aged Adam Driver

Adam Driver in Ferrari

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In late August 2023, Neon finally gave the world a proper look at Ferrari in the form of a 90-second teaser showcasing the drama and action that will soon unfold on the big screen. With a chorus of classic high-performance European sports cars and a droning buzz that gets louder and heavier as the preview plays out, the video features multiple shots of daring racing action and personal drama involving Enzo Ferrari and those in his immediate circle.

Though only Adam Driver has a speaking part in the teaser trailer, his fiery gaze, as well as those from  Penélope Cruz, and Shailene Woodley help give you an understanding of the tone and intensity of Micahel Mann’s first film in nearly a decade.

The Movie Will Center On Enzo Ferrari As He Counters Personal Struggles With A 1,000-Mile Race

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Instead of telling the full story of Enzo Ferrari’s career (both as a driver and entrepreneur), the drama will instead center on a singular moment in his life, specifically one of his biggest struggles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie will turn its focus to 1957, a year in which the car manufacturer was facing not only bankruptcy but the dissolution of his tumultuous marriage. In a last-ditch effort to right the ship, he leads a team of drivers to take part in what would be the final Mille Miglia, an epic 1,000-mile endurance race between Brescia and Rome that used Italy’s public roads as its track.

The Movie Is Based On Brock Yates’ 1991 Book, Enzo Ferrari — The Man, The Cars, The Races, The Machine

Adam Driver in Ferrari

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Though Mann and Troy Kennedy Martin have screenwriting credits for Ferrari, it's based on the 1991 book, Enzo Ferrari — The Man, the Cars, the Races, the Machine by the late journalist and author Brock Yates, that covered the rise of the racing legend, according to Deadline. Yates had a prolific career of his own in the racing industry, having worked as a pit reporter for CBS’ coverage of NASCAR and host of the TNN racing show, American Sports Cavalcade, among other accomplishments.

In addition to writing his book on the rise of Enzo Ferrari as a driver and car manufacturer and other subjects in the racing world, Yates also created the notorious Cannonball Run, an unofficial and unsanctioned race from New York to Los Angeles that would go on to inspire the movie of the same name, which he also wrote. 

Michael Mann Co-Wrote Ferrari With Troy Kennedy Martin, Who Penned The Original The Italian Job

The Italian Job (1969)

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Michael Mann has written the majority of his films (Collateral and Blackhat being the only two without his name listed as a screenwriter), and that will once again be the case with Ferrari. But Mann wasn’t alone in adapting the screenplay that would become his 12th feature film, as he co-wrote the script alongside the late Troy Kennedy Martin, who wrote the original version of The Italian Job among other film and TV projects, per Deadline. The Scottish-born writer passed away in 2009, according to his obituary published in The Guardian newspaper.

Production On Ferrari Kicked Off In Italy In August 2022

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After years of planning and various cycles of starting and stopping (Michael Mann once told Variety he has been dreaming of the project since 1967), Deadline revealed in April 2022 that the acclaimed director was finally preparing to start production on Ferrari in Italy later in the summer. And, filming finally kicked off that August, as revealed by Michael Mann on his official Twitter account, where he shared a picture of himself on a film set with the caption “Pronti, via!” which loosely translates to “Ready, go!” in English.

Throughout pre-production, and when cameras started rolling, Mann and his team went to great lengths to recreate the 1957 Mille Miglia accurately and emphatically. In the Variety profile mentioned above, Mann revealed that prior to shooting, he visited the scene of the infamous crash that claimed the lives of five children, and even met the brother of one of the young victims. That incident was later used in the movie, told from the family’s point of view.

To recreate the thunderous sound of the high-performance engines used in the race cars featured in the movie, Mann and his team recorded various vehicles from the era, including one belonging to a famous rock musician: Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. At the Ferrari premiere (via IndieWire), Mann explained that he and his team hooked up “seven or eight microphones” to Mason’s Maserati single seater to capture the sound.

There isn’t much time to wait before we get to see (and hear) Ferrari for ourselves, as Michael Mann’s latest feature film will open Christmas Day.  

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