Gal Gadot Says She Was ‘Intimidating’ On The Snow White Set, And Rachel Zegler Confirms It

Gal Gadot sitting in front of Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious.
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Snow White movies have had a number of actresses portray the Evil Queen, from Lucille La Verne in 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to Charlize Theron in the Snow White and the Huntsman series. Now a new Evil Queen is in line for the magic mirror, as Gal Gadot is set to play one of the all-time greatest Disney villains. The Wonder Woman actress apparently played the part well that she and co-star Rachel Zegler agree she was “intimidating” on the Snow White set.

Disney’s live-action Snow White has Gal Gadot playing the Evil Queen we love to hate. As Gadot reveled in the chance to play the iconic villain known for wanting to kill “the fairest one of all,” she admitted to People how great it was to fully embody playing that role.

Everything was very, not aggressive, but it was very intimidating. But to be that character just feels great, because you feel like it’s effective in the story. Go bigger, to be more theatrical, to speak through your body, and to do all those things.

After playing a superhero in the DC Extended Universe, it’s no wonder that playing evil can feel like such a release. Gal Gadot expressed her intentions in wanting to explore the dynamics of the Evil Queen instead of having her be evil for no reason. She wanted audiences to understand what makes her tick in order for her evil personality to be an intriguing quality. In this case, it would be the feeling of not feeling important anymore. This is a heavy emotion that we all can relate to. 

What also made Gadot come off as “intimidating” was her “heavy as hell” costume. Now we have to see this costume! Her co-star Rachel Zegler, who’s the perfect casting for Snow White, couldn’t agree more about how “intimidating” the Israeli actress’s new look comes off.

Yeah. It’s very intimidating. And it was also the black lipstick, it was the nails, it was the lashes.

Despite the infamous clash the two will have in the movie, these two actresses had a great time with each other on set. The time in between sets was actually filled with singing and dancing to Grease tunes together. If these moments were captured in a blooper or behind-the-scenes reel, that would be perfect. We can only imagine how Gadot and Zegler's chemistry will register on the big screen. A modernized version of Snow White is something good to look forward to, as it will further explore how the Evil Queen feels about her “fair” status being taken away by someone much younger.

While we know the “intimidating” Gal Gadot will show off a new side of herself as the Evil Queen, you know everyone will still find a way to mash her up with Wonder Woman. Maybe that will help young audiences be less afraid of the larger-than-life performance she plans to bring out in Snow White. This upcoming Disney movie is expected to be released in 2024, and be sure to read our coverage on other new movie releases.

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