Gwyneth Paltrow Says She’s Saving Clothes For Apple, Including Amazing ’90s Dress She Wore On A Date With Brad Pitt

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Most viewers are familiar with Gwyneth Paltrow’s filmography and her other ventures, but many likely also know that she's regarded as a Hollywood fashion icon. Most of her red-carpet looks have been hits (and she's also gotten flak for her handling of the clothes she hates). While some stars wear pieces once and return them, Paltrow has kept her most well-known ensembles. That was for a good reason,  too, as she says she's saving the clothes for her daughter, Apple. Included in that array of attire is the amazing dress she wore on a date with ex Brad Pitt back in the '90s.

The Goop founder gave a peek into her extensive fashion archive in an official video from the lifestyle brand. In the clip, she mainly pointed out some pieces from the brand’s fashion line. However, the former Marvel star showed that her closet is also filled with plenty of fashion throwbacks from her decades-long career. It was during this portion of the video that the Oscar winner opened up about why she's kept certain pieces she's sported over the course of her illustrious Hollywood career:  

I pull things from this closet every once and in while. It’s really like if I need something special, or things that I just love that I’m saving for myself if things come back in style. Or for Apple. I’ve saved a lot of shoes for Apple. Lucky for her, I have plenty of ’90s. These like vintage Prada nineties heals, c’mon. The pointy thing was really happening for a while there. This is a ’90s Calvin Klein Dress I think I wore to a premiere or something when I was going out with Brad Pitt. Very ’90s. Shirt dress kind of thing, it’s very slouchy relaxed. It’s giving that very ’90s I don’t give a fuck.

One can definitely get nostalgic when thinking about her various fashion choices from the early aughts. I'm willing to bet that Apple is going to rock quite a few of them as time goes on. You can see the chic ensemble she sported on an outing with Brad Pitt down below:

Gwyneth Paltrow in her white shirt dress while out with Brad Pitt

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The actress was wise to keep her staple pieces, '90s fashion is trendy right now. Her daughter can now wear the same dress and black chunky heels from the image above without getting weird looks. The clothes collectively serve as a reminder of the fame that Gwyneth Paltrow experienced during that decade and the high-profile romances she was involved in as well.

Before Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie became the Hollywood "it" couple in the 2000s, Gwyneth Paltrow and Pitt were relationship goals during the '90s. Over the years, they were spotted arm-in-arm on numerous red carpets, with photogs seemingly hounding them at every corner. Despite breaking up three decades ago, Paltrow and Pitt have remained friends

During Goop's video, the Politician alum continued to explore her past relationship with the Fight Club alum. While reflecting, she also pulled out a floral-print dress. which she wore on a very big day:

This is the dress I was wearing when Bard proposed to me. Actually, we were in Italy. We climbed up to like this roof deck thing, and he surprised me.

The star continued her trip down fashion memory lane, as she pulled out her iconic pink Manolo Blahnik heels from the year she won the Best Actress Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. The nostalgia trip kept rolling, as she showed her signature red velvet Gucci suit, which has been seen at multiple events. The fan-favorite actress tapped into her inner ‘90s goth girl with a Christian Dior brown suede dress from her dark-hair phase. She even showed off a leather crew jacket from the 1993 neo-noir flick Flesh and Bone. The Shallow Hal actress got more contemporary, though, by spotlighting the pink, one-shoulder dress she wore at the 2015 Oscars.

She also pulled out a costume that would send any cinephile into a frenzy. She took a moment to show off Margot Tenenbaum’s signature loafers from the Wes Anderson classic The Royal Tenenbaums. She then spilled the fun story about how she ended up with the shoes:

Oh my God, these were my costume from The Royal Tenenbaums. These are the regions that I wore as Margot Tenenbaum. So cool, and I asked to keep them because they said no to the Birkin bag.

Needless to say, Gwyneth Paltrow has been part of some iconic movies and Hollywood moments. Now, the next generation gets the chance to see those fashion pieces return to the public consciousness. It was lovely hearing Paltrow reminisce about her past fashion moments, and I'd assume that Apple is excited to step into her mother's shoes (both figuratively and literally).

While Gwyneth Paltrow isn't sure she’ll return to acting, she has continued pushing and building Goop, can watch The Goop Lab by streaming it with a Netflix subscription. And while Paltrow has no new films on the horizon, just check out our schedule of 2023 new movie releases to learn about what's headed to theaters this year.

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