Halle Bailey Making History As A Black Actress Starring In The Little Mermaid, But Her Sister Chloe Also Has A Major Goal In Mind

Sisters Halle and Chloe Bailey were already a success with their musical duo, but the pair are well on their way to making even bigger names for themselves. Halle Bailey is going to live the dream of many when she becomes an actual Disney Princess next year and plays Ariel in the live-action version of The Little Mermaid, but sister Chloe has even bigger dreams, she’s going for the EGOT.

Chloe Bailey has received Grammy nominations in the past with her sister but she has yet to win the prestigious award. When that day comes, however, it won’t be enough. Chloe Bailey recently told People that she won’t be done when she wins a Grammy, as she’ll want the Emmy, Oscar, and Tony as well, saying…

I just love entertaining, period. My goal is to have an EGOT.

Bailey is following in the footsteps of some major pop music stars and award winners with her very own Pepsi commercial. The ad is a full music video cover of “Footloose” and she says that in some ways she sees the ad as an audition. She apparently has her sights currently set on Broadway, so it would seem that Tony is one of the first in her sights. 

While Chloe Bailey is looking to make a name for herself on the stage, sister Halle is ready to take Hollywood by storm, while her role in upcoming Disney movie The Little Mermaid probably isn’t going to lead to talk of an Oscar, it does have a strong possibility of making a billion dollars at the global box office. Previous Disney remakes of other Disney Renaissance era films like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King have all done exactly that, so there’s every reason to believe the story that launched Disney’s second era of animation success will do the same.

Of course, The Little Mermaid is seeing more controversy than those other hits. When the first teaser for The Little Mermaid was released, it resulted in a new wave of criticism over Disney’s decision to put the actress in the role of Ariel. Bailey has been dealing with a fresh wave of racist backlash since. At the same time, videos of Black children watching the Little Mermaid trailer have gone viral, and it’s clear the casting decision means a lot to a lot of other people. 

The talent of Chloe and Halle Bailey goes without saying. It’s difficult not to believe they won’t both be massive stars. Chloe Bailey winning her EGOT is going to be a tall order, only 17 people have ever done it (22 if you count those with non-competitive awards) and they are an absolute who’s who of some of the top talents the entertainment world has ever seen. To join that class would certainly be an impressive feat.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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